Oh Jabba, You Can’t Fool Us

We all know it’s you behind that fake moustache.

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OMG, Put Up Your Cute Shields Now, Peeps.

OK. Readies?

This baby orangutan is Pongo. Pongo is looking at you with his beeg Pongo eyes!

This is Pongo looking lovingly at his mother, with his beeg Pongo smile!

Pongo, and his mother, Blaze, have such a story. (keep those shields up!)

Due to some complications at birth, it took Pongo and his Mom many months to recover and become fully reunited.
And now they are inseparabuls.

With help from many caretakers at Zoo Atlanta working tirelessly around the clock to nurture mother and child back to health and to bond their relationship, this story has a successful, happy ending for all.

Oh and one last thing, Sun., Jan. 12, was Pongo’s first birthday.
Happy Birthday, Pongo!

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Spike, Where Have You Been?

I have been looking everywhere for you! It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack!

African Crested Porcupette born at Pueblo Zoo. Via boing boing.

How Cold Is It? Part II

It’s so cold, the artists formerly known as Snowy Owls have confirmed they now want to be known as I Wanna Go To Miami Owls.

An invasion of Snowy Owls, the magically beautiful bird of the Arctic (and Harry Potter), has been reported this winter across the Midwest, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. One has made it all the way to Little Talbot Island, near Jax, Florida! That is a real Snow Bird invasion.

One of over 40 Snowy Owls sighted in Pennsylvania. By Dave Inman’s Photo Stream.

How Cold Is It?

It’s so cold, even polar bears can’t handle the polar vortex! Multiple news sources reporting from zoos across the country that polar bears are curling up and staying inside with their snuggie and a cup of cocoa in front of the fire !

Via CBS News. Photo of Anana, at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo, by Jim Shulz, Chicago Zoological Society/AP.

After the Rescue

Chiidax, the baby fur seal can tell you, it’s all about the Aleuts getting you through

to the ground crew who feed you fish stew

while FedEx delivers you a thousand miles or two

to rendezvous with friends anew; other fur seal rescues Kit, Flaherty and Lou. Whew!

Read the complete story of Chiidax, the rescued fur seal pup, over at New England Aquarium and Zooborns!

I Am… Viscacha!

On the plains and mountains of Peru, there you will find Viscacha. My cousin is the Chinchilla, but he has the ears that are stumpy, not tall and proud like Viscacha. But neither is Viscacha the bunny rabbit, for their tails are like, how you say, the puff powder, not long and curly like Viscacha.

When Viscacha is threatened, I emit a fearsome roar!

There are some who say that to sniff the fur of Viscacha produces the visions of beauty in the mind. But this is the nonsense.

Photos via: The Lost But Not Forgotten, the Cutest Paw, and the James Brunker.

My Little Pachyderm

House hippo, tiny rhino, mini pony, lap-sized giraffe; all have become super popular of late. Now, the first-ever sighted adult dwarf elephant in Sri Lanka is getting his own trendy tiny trunkster action too.

Video proof at Daily Picks and Flicks. Complete story at the Sunday Times.

If You’re Batty and You Know It…

… flap your ears!


But do you recall, the most aimless reindeer of all?

So, Santa’s extra-back-up-stand-by reindeer, Sven and Ole, were very busy at their flying practice when Sven says to Ole, this is one foggy Christmas Eve! And Ole says, do you think we mist it?

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