The Nudesters Are Back!

Maybe The Cutest Thing Under The Sea! (Examples here and here!)

And wouldn’t a whole handful of them be even better? Of course it would. No argument there.

Andrew Y. saw ’em on 9Gag, he did indeed.



Their official name is “Tardigrade.” And they are REAL. And will you look at those FOLDS???

Bebeh Pangolin ACTION!

On Thanksgiving, we showed you how Everyone Comes From Somewhere– a Bebeh Pangolin was part of that clip. Here’s more of that unusual lil’ critter:


Long Eared Jerboa ACTION!

Q: What could be better late on a Sunday than some Long Eared Jerboa Ear Flappage Action? A: Not much. (Reddit/Imgur.)

Is That Your Halloween Costume?

I’m not sure what you’re going for, it looks like the “sexy Buzz Lightyear” costume with a bit of the “sexy wine bottle” costume, topped off by the wig from the “sexy Donald Trump” costume, but whatever it is, it sure is sexy!*


Via * Note: Actual “sexy” Halloween costumes for 2015. Hork.

Are You Kidding Me?

Good GRIEF! I don’t know what got me first, the Blinky McBlinkersons eyes or the Spock Ears. Fascinating. Leaving for Oregon now.

“These ‘Caracal Kittens’ have it all: ear tufts, eyebrows, Hercule Poirot mustaches??!!!, Fierce Hissing!! Big Blue Eyes!! This YouTube video of Caracals from the Oregon Zoo is too much. I’m just urging you to feast your eyes and post!” -Jeanette.

Sloths Love Halloween- Who Knew?

ZSL London Zoo resident Edward The Bebeh Sloth is getting ready for his very first Halloween. By….nomming up some pumpkin with help from his Golden-Headed Lion Tamarin pals.

Aye, ‘Tis Another C.O. First!

We’ve never featured these little maniacs before! (Be sure to have your Speakers UP for some Quality Squeeks, too.) This critter happens to be an Aye-Aye. if that leaves you scratching your head, you’re not alone. There are just 27 Aye-Ayes in all of North America! Her name is Fady (“FAW DEE,”) which means “taboo” in Malagasy.

Raise your hands, everyone who knew that.

(Tastefully Offensive.)

The Crawl of Duty

Hey… you there… must crawl… to where… you are…


Important… message… to tell… you… Almost… there…


Sand… hot… Strength… fading… Must… con… tin… u… e…


You have… spinach in… teeth… Will get… toothpick… Wait… here…


Via Jared Sternberg.

Bet He’s Having a Really Funny Dream

“Oh, I am. I’m chasing this gazelle, see (snert!), and for some reason there’s an ice-skating rink in the middle of the Serengeti (chortle!), and anyway, the gazelle slips on a banana peel, and (pffrt, snort!) slides across the ice like in Bambi (hee-hee, that part always cracks me up).”


“And then the gazelle (tssst, pfft!) then the gazelle plows into these penguins set up like bowling pins (hoo hoo hee hee!), and the only one left standing says (tshhh, snicker, oh this’ll killya), he says ‘I’m glad we brought a spare!’ BAHAHAHAHA! A spare, get it?”


Hyena cub, via Leo Li.