ResQte Of The Week: Cocos Island, Costa Rica!

This Manta Ray got tangled up in some fishing line and was hurtin’ for certain. Cue these SWELL diver hoomins, who got the line off in no time! Wait ’till you see how the Ray thanks them at the end- as the saying goes, THIS one is “Full of WIN.”


“Are U Getting In, Or Not?

[The water’s fine! OK, maybe a little chilly. But you’d rather have this than the weather they’ve had in Boston and New York!]

Come on in guyths, the waterths fine - Imgur

Kinda Look Like Those Alien Ships On “Close Encounters”

Remember? Those little mini-ships that went zooming around the- never mind. Take a look at these amazing photos taken by a fellow named Alexander Semenov. There’s more to the sea see than meets the eye!




First three photos seen on Mail Online : last photo via BuzzFeed.