Put ‘Er Right THERE, Kiddo!

JS70323176[No, I DON’T think you’d “like to come in for a swim.” You just stay right where you are, buddy.] From The Chester Chronicle via Arne.

Q: How Many Sheepdogs Can Fit In A Station Wagon?

A: Looks like six from here!

[*Note: Apologies for fuzzy video, it’s still worth it. -Ed.]

Sent in by Andrew Y.

Page’s Prosh Pups

page-triple-woof_3402062kArne sent us this URL from The Telegraph, for a series of pup pix by British photographer Harry Page!








The Birdman Of Aberdeen

An RS McColl™ shop in Aberdeen, Scotland is consistently off when they take inventory of their Doritos™ stock. Look no further than Sam The Surreptitious Seagull. (P.S. The Scottish accents are a BONUS.)

From Susan M.

Go, Hattie, GO!

When you suddenly find yourself being chased in the garden by a hoomin with a hi-res GoPro camera, whadya do? PLAN A: RUN LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW. Or, PLAN B: Whoops, there IS no Plan B. Keep running, Hattie! (Nice Scottish Plaid collar there, too. Izzat new?)

This Is Hamish’s Reaction When…

hamomoo1…you ask him if he’d like some vanilla ice cream. “Good Morning from Birmingham, England !! This is Hamish and Marley, Hamish is the bearded collie ! love your wonderful website, You guys are the best xxxx.” -Johnny E.

Hattie The Westie: Still Livin’ Large

You know the slogan- go BIG or go HOME. And so it is with UK-based Hattie The Westie. Check it out, her first EVER day out of the house, and it’s a trip to the beach to boot.

I Passed My Driver’s Licence* Test!

[Parallel parking was the worst! You had to back in just so, then pull forward and even it out. And the Drivers Ed instructor- who was named Ed- imagine that- he had REALLY stinky breath. But I saw him leave after we finished- he had a beater Honda and I got this schweeeeet Rolls, so bottom line…I win.

[*Note: Barry is a British puppeh, so…British spelling, yo. He also loves his bike. )

The Return Of Nuts The Sqwerl!

Flashback to May of 2013- Charlie B. sent us a video of Nuts The Sqwerl, from his college campus in the UK. But wait, as they say on TV- there’s more!

“You may remember my old baby squirrel shoulder video which you used a while back – well I had a good long hunt for the original SD card used and finally it showed up – I was able to find the other clips of the baby critter and put them up in a new vid! It’s my friend Jimmy (who filmed me last time) with Nuts at the start, and other people round campus holding him after. I thought I’d come to you with the video link as everyone on your blog seemed to love the original clip!”

Bouncing -N- Bounding UK Bebeh Pygmy Goatster!

This little fellow is named Benjamin. He is a rather happy-go-lucky sort, wouldn’t you agree? (Oh and BTW: any animal with the word “pygmy” in it is cute.)

Thanks to Kristin.


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