Mom Taxi XV: Peaches

“Hello! My name is Peaches. I’d really like to be on Cute Overload because I’m celebrating adopting my hoomin and photo taker Erica B. 35 years ago this month.”

Consider it DONE, Peaches!


Giving Thanks 2 You, Nicole!

“This is a Blanding’s Turtle, a threatened species in Ontario and all over the Great Lakes basin. Many are hit by cars as they cross busy roads. I found this one on the middle of a road and carried it to safety. He peeked up at me with a wonderful ‘smile’ on his face and seemed to be saying thanks! Today is Canadian Thanksgiving Day so I thought this photo was a perfect way to show it.” – Nicole D.

Turtle Aug 2013

You’ve Never Felt So Happy at Such Grand Disappointment

Buzzy sends in the best thing I’ve seen this year by Ze Frank displayed on Laughing Squid.