Still Have Your Halloween Pumpkin?

If you carved it up, it’s probably on the way out. If you didn’t and it’s just sitting there- why not donate it to a good cause? Like dinner for these guys! Just leave it on the porch, and they’ll be right over.

(Note in the second video- they make great players/serving bowls, too!)

Friday Haiku: Delicate

Hi butterfly friend
If want to land on my nose
That is fine by me


Just Another Turtle Tuesday!

2015-03-23-17.11.52We don’t show enough Turtles on Cute Overload. Eimear agrees. “I would like to share some photos from my visit to a Turtle Sanctuary in Singapore last week.”

“It was in a beautiful Chinese garden and I got to get up close and personal and feed the little (and large) fellas. I find their mouths so adorable, and their little smiles.”



Friday Haiku: Helping Hand

He is a handful
A turtle or a tortoise
Can you tell which one?


Mom Taxi XXXVII: Weeeeee

Turtle mother with her son - Imgur[Ma, this is the most funnest ride I’ve EVER been on! Let’s do it again OK? OK? Ma, are you listenin’ to me??] (Reddit.)

Blade Runner Roller

Earlier today, we saw a great example of one big ol’ Turtle helping another! This hour, it’s a hoomin’s turn to do a good deed. It seems Blade was having trouble moving about, so his hoomin carted him off to his vet- who came up with the idea of sticking some Lego wheels on, so Blade could become a man in motion. So to speak.

One Green says Blade has a metabolic bone disorder, and the wheels will help him move around so he can regain leg strength.

We found a translaysh. Dr. Plische says, “We mounted Lego wheels on the turtle ‘Blade’ because he had a bone metabolism illness and his shell was too heavy and had a loss of muscles. That’s why he couldn’t pick up himself and walk anymore. The bones were like rubber and the musculature had clearly diminished.”

Blade’s hoomin, Iris P., says: “At the beginning or in the middle of August last year, I noted for the first time that Blade wasn’t so active and fit as the other two turtles [I own]. I kept him in his terrarium because [the weather in] August was really cold.”

How’d they get the wheels on there? Dr. P. said, “The turtle didn’t feel any pain because we made no hole, but we stocked it with a special glue, that only has two components.”

Kudos to Dr. Carsten Plischke for thinking outside the box, and swiping his son’s Legos. From Susan M.

[*Note: The video header says “turtle.” The One Green Planet article says Blade is a tortoise, yet the translation has the vet saying “turtle.” And the translation ALSO refers to “tortoise.” -Ed.]

GAAAAA! Little Fur Creatures In Japan

We’ve got Buns, we’ve got Munks, and Squirrels, (even Turtles!) -good GRIEF. This is a real place: Machida Squirrel Garden in Japan.





Photos spotted here. Another score from……Andrew Y. Who else?

Turtle Matchingks

[Yeah, I got a tat of me on my stomach. I don’t know how it happened, either. I mean, it was late one night, me and the guys were out on the town, we stopped in this place, you know the story. Cool, huh?]

From Jaime H. as seen on

World Turtle Day Germany UPDATE

It ees a proven factoid that Those Of The Hard Shell Persuasion love nomming strawberries, as this classic shot shows. “Here I have a photo of our baby greek turtle Maya eating tiny strawberries. Since she’s an expert in doing that, I hope she’s cute enough for your page😉 Thank you for all the cuteness! Greetings from Germany🙂 -Becca.” (Up late at night in Germany, emailing C.O.)


Penny For Your Thoughts, Lil’ Fella

[O HAI, jus’ crawlin’ ’round here in Little Rock, Arkansas. Not much going on. Actually I was hoping to make it into a “Friday Haiku,” but from the looks of the top-secret schedule, those are already done, right?]

[Correct. We like to work several days out. -Ed.]



“This guy is super adorable,” says submitter Amanda G.


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