Still Have Your Halloween Pumpkin?

If you carved it up, it’s probably on the way out. If you didn’t and it’s just sitting there- why not donate it to a good cause? Like dinner for these guys! Just leave it on the porch, and they’ll be right over.

(Note in the second video- they make great players/serving bowls, too!)


Friday Haiku: Delicate

Hi butterfly friend
If want to land on my nose
That is fine by me


Just Another Turtle Tuesday!

We don’t show enough Turtles on Cute Overload. Eimear agrees. “I would like to share some photos from my visit to a Turtle Sanctuary in Singapore last week.”

“It was in a beautiful Chinese garden and I got to get up close and personal and feed the little (and large) fellas. I find their mouths so adorable, and their little smiles.”



Friday Haiku: Helping Hand

He is a handful
A turtle or a tortoise
Can you tell which one?


Mom Taxi XXXVII: Weeeeee

[Ma, this is the most funnest ride I’ve EVER been on! Let’s do it again OK? OK? Ma, are you listenin’ to me??] (Reddit.)

Blade Runner Roller

Earlier today, we saw a great example of one big ol’ Turtle helping another! This hour, it’s a hoomin’s turn to do a good deed. It seems Blade was having trouble moving about, so his hoomin carted him off to his vet- who came up with the idea of sticking some Lego wheels on, so Blade could become a man in motion. So to speak.

One Green says Blade has a metabolic bone disorder, and the wheels will help him move around so he can regain leg strength.

We found a translaysh. Dr. Plische says, “We mounted Lego wheels on the turtle ‘Blade’ because he had a bone metabolism illness and his shell was too heavy and had a loss of muscles. That’s why he couldn’t pick up himself and walk anymore. The bones were like rubber and the musculature had clearly diminished.”

Blade’s hoomin, Iris P., says: “At the beginning or in the middle of August last year, I noted for the first time that Blade wasn’t so active and fit as the other two turtles [I own]. I kept him in his terrarium because [the weather in] August was really cold.”

How’d they get the wheels on there? Dr. P. said, “The turtle didn’t feel any pain because we made no hole, but we stocked it with a special glue, that only has two components.”

Kudos to Dr. Carsten Plischke for thinking outside the box, and swiping his son’s Legos. From Susan M.

[*Note: The video header says “turtle.” The One Green Planet article says Blade is a tortoise, yet the translation has the vet saying “turtle.” And the translation ALSO refers to “tortoise.” -Ed.]

GAAAAA! Little Fur Creatures In Japan

We’ve got Buns, we’ve got Munks, and Squirrels, (even Turtles!) -good GRIEF. This is a real place: Machida Squirrel Garden in Japan.





Photos spotted here. Another score from……Andrew Y. Who else?

Turtle Matchingks

[Yeah, I got a tat of me on my stomach. I don’t know how it happened, either. I mean, it was late one night, me and the guys were out on the town, we stopped in this place, you know the story. Cool, huh?]

From Jaime H. as seen on

World Turtle Day Germany UPDATE

It ees a proven factoid that Those Of The Hard Shell Persuasion love nomming strawberries, as this classic shot shows. “Here I have a photo of our baby greek turtle Maya eating tiny strawberries. Since she’s an expert in doing that, I hope she’s cute enough for your page 😉 Thank you for all the cuteness! Greetings from Germany 🙂 -Becca.” (Up late at night in Germany, emailing C.O.)


Penny For Your Thoughts, Lil’ Fella

[O HAI, jus’ crawlin’ ’round here in Little Rock, Arkansas. Not much going on. Actually I was hoping to make it into a “Friday Haiku,” but from the looks of the top-secret schedule, those are already done, right?]

[Correct. We like to work several days out. -Ed.]



“This guy is super adorable,” says submitter Amanda G.