Friday Haiku: Slow Pokes

Turtle or Tortoise?
Do you know the difference?
They both move slowly.

From DP&F.

Mom Taxi XX: Takin’ It Slow



As seen on ZooBorns.

When You’re Waiting For Santa-

Time seems to pass rather s l o w l y, does it not?


“Last summer you had the chance to meet my tortoise Waffles. He has grown some and now has a new sister named Mango. Mango is the light coloured one, Waffles is the brown one.” -Alisha W.

Somebody To Lean On

This poor guy couldn’t reach his shell phone to call for help…then a pal came by to lend a helping hand nose.

Submitted by Julie S., in honor of World Turtle Day today.

Turtles and Tortoises and Terrapins, Oh My!

Everybody flap your flippers!


Today is the 14th World Turtle Day, the annual holiday founded in 2000 by American Tortoise Rescue!

There are so many ways to celebrate! Starting with giving turtles a helping hand.

Or two.

Or three.

Play connect the dots. Baby tortoises love this game.

Tongue twister competitions! Spiny terrapin-spiny terrapin-spiny terrapin.

Slow down for turtles.

See who can say, “AWWWW”, the most:

Another great way to celebrate is to donate to your favorite save the turtles organization!


Australian Western Swamp Tortoises, Asian Spiny Terrapin, Green Sea Turtles, Egyptian Tortoise, American Western Pond Turtle,  Zooborns and the Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Slowest Spectacle In Sports: The Zoopolis 500!

Clipboard01Everyone knows about the Indy 500, but here’s an even bigger event- the Zoopolis 500! The events began at 10:30am ET. Quoting the Indianapolis Zoo’s site, “This event is always a favorite with fans and is held annually the Wednesday before the Indianapolis 500. The day features our tortoises hustling to the finish line to be the first to reach the abundant fruit platter. “Racing” Ryan was the first tortoise to cross the finish in 2012.”


Photos by Carla Knapp, video from the Indy Zoo.

Six Reasons Why Pets Are Better Than Dates

Pets snuggle with no ulterior motives.

You expect your pet to sometimes smell funny. You worry when your date does. Conversely, your pet seems to enjoy it when you are especially malodorous, whereas your date does not.

Your pet doesn’t mind so much when you wear matching outfits.

Your pet doesn’t care if you have put on a few pounds, have some extra hair in weird places or if you’re wearing those holey sweatpants. Some dates expect you to step it up.

When you give your pet dinner out of a bag, can or crisper drawer, they act like it is French cuisine.

Your pet will always be happy to see you and will act like it’s been an eternity since they saw you last. If your date is not happy to see you, get a different date. Better yet, get a pet.

In order of appearance: YoYo by Tiffany F, Hank “Hanky Panky” the Tank by Michael and LaTricia P., Mourka by Frank and Anna T., tiny tortoise by P, hungry bunny by Gary and Brenda and chinchilla in waiting by Newhell.

Tortoise and the Heir

Queen Tortiebeth III is rather pleased with her reflection. Everybody bow.

This critically endangered Egyptian Tortoise quite enjoys her delusions of grandeur, via Zooborns.

Go Niners! Verrrry Slowly!

The San Francisco 49ers are in Seattle to play the Seahawks tonight, and here’s one of the Niner offensive linemen modeling the latest protective body armor for use on the field. “We’re working to get the colors to match the rest of the uniform,” says a spokesman from Nike, who supplies gear to the league. “It’s hard to get that green to blend with the red and gold.”

(This really is a 49er tortoise named Sammy, the pet of QB Colin Kaepernick. It seems Kapernick has had this tortoise since he was 10 years old, and Sammy could fit in his hand. Well, 15 years later, Sammy is now 115 pounds. A little light to protect Kaepernick’s blindside. Thanks to Karen W. for sending.)

Nose to Nose in Nosevember

It’s good to get out and try new things, meet new folks and smell new smells. You never know, the next creature you sniff could be your new best friend.

Via Reddit by Briarbeauty?


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