Tomato: It’s What’s For Dinner

I don’t think this little fellow objects to what’s on the menu at all, do you?


Russell, Meet Belle

Say hello to Russell the desert tortoise and Belle the Wah Wah Mix! (Russell coming in for a quick kiss.) Submitted by Ron and Carol P. of Phoenix, AZ. (Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android.)

Happy Toesday 2

Yes, Tortoises can have Toebeans. Kinda. “Russell the Tortoises Toes. Submitted by Ron and Carol P. of Phx, AZ.” (Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android.)

Oh, Look. Someone Left Their Strawberry Here!

[Now let’s see, what shall I do with it? Just..walk on buy and pretend I didn’t see it? Or..put an ad in Craigslist, some kinda ‘STRAWBERRY FOUND’ ad but that would be stupid ’cause I’d have to say ‘describe the strawberry’ but they all look the same so I’d get scammed and what’s the point. OR…I could just eat it right here. Right now.]


“Hey Honey? Have You Seen Jeffrey Lately?”

“I think he’s on the back patio. Hey! Jeff! Get in here- Animal Planet’s on, and we’ve got a plate of strawberries for you!”

Next time Jeffrey, close the door “so the cat don’t get out!” (Mashable; a sequel of sorts to last night’s “Hey Honey? Have You Seen Stanley Lately?”)

#BestBuds: Puka And Rocket Larry

Meet Puka, a 4-year-old mixed breed with a cleft lip..and his pal Rocket Larry The Tortoise!

Puka was rescued in L.A. when a friend of Puka’s new hoomin noticed Puka with a homeless man, and was worried the puppeh might need medical care.

Puka’s hoomin had previously rescued Rocket Larry from an L.A. Craigslist reptile hoarder.

You can see more photos of these guys on Instagram.


Friday Afternoon Haiku: Torty Surfin’

If your computer
Is as slow as a Tortoise
Try defragmentation

(“Here’s my baby Leopard Tortoise named Nelson Dorothy “Chui” Mandela Markowitz Pomaranc. She was Googling some Tortoises after breakfast.” -Emily W.)


Tortoises Try Tiny Pancakes

Can someone get this guy a tiny bottle of Mrs. Butterworth’s?

From Andrew Y.

You…Haven’t Ever Seen This?

Just another day in the Big J: an older Tokyo resident taking his pet Torty on a walk. Yes. Yes, that’s what that is. OK.





ResQte Of The Week (Friday Edition)

Check this out! “Hi C.O.! With summer heat reaching 45 degrees Celsius (113 F!!!) over in Cape Town, South Africa firefighters have been battling blazes not only keeping people safe but animals too. This pic was seen on Facebook page of Gale McAll Photography©. The firefighter was pretty happy that he managed to saved the tortoise – I am too!” -Sharon B-C (Western Australia.)