Cute Overload Top Ten Time (Just One More)

Wednesday we served up the Top Ten Cutest Photos…then earlier today we rolled out the Top Ten Cutest Videos. Tomorrow morning, a new list for ya- Top Comments Of 2013. As you know, the comments section plays host to some rather pithy commentary, and we thought it might be fun to showcase the best of the best. A preview:

“What am I going to do when they come for me? Put squirrel underpants on them, that’s what.” -Viv on Bad Boys, Bad Boys. (June 13)


Cute Overload Top Ten Time (Continued)

OK then, Campers! Hope you checked out our Top Ten Cutest Photos from earlier today- now we’re getting the Top Ten Cutest Videos ready to launch. (Boy, if YouTube should crash, we’re in trouble.) Check ‘em out tomorrow morning- there’s a strong possibility this one will be in there. No guarantees, no predictions, wouldn’t be prudent at this juncture…..but I think it’s got a real shot.

It’s Cute Overload Top Ten Time!

Get ready, People. We’re rolling out the Cute Overload Top Ten lists…starting tomorrow morning! First up, the Top Ten Cutest Photos of 2013! Then Thursday we’ll follow up with Top Ten Cutest Videos..and Friday, a !New! list—Top Comments of the Year. (Well, just since March- that’s when we thought of it. Don’t worry 260Oakley, you made it.) Here’s a preview of what to expect Wednesday AM!