It’s Toesday, Right On The Dot!

dot-toes-nose“For your consideration for Toesday, my little girl Dot!” -Zarina M.

Toesday II: Da-DUM…Da-DUM…

photoLookit those Beans, willya please? This is Sharky, which is why the lame header says “Da-DUM…Da-Dum” -never mind. Dumb is more like it. Anyway, Jena J wrote in and says “Sharky, my seven month old terrier mix rescue, showing off both her toe beans and her camouflage skill. Picture my me!”

Toesday In Berlin, Germany

DSC_0401Doesn’t matter if it’s Berlin, Germany or Berlin, North Dakota. The language of Toe Beans is universal. “Hey there…this is KittyCat and she would love to be on C.O. I took these photos while she was sleeping in the sun today…she is sooo adorable….keep up the good work…sending a lot of love from Berlin, Germany :) Mona R.”

Toesday II: A 22 Pound Speedo

10806384_10152523013435689_671233001664312812_n“I’m cat sitting for my cousin for a few months. Meet Speedo – 22 pounds of magnificence with double paws. Check out the Toe Beans. His New Year’s Resolution was to get in shape and spend more time on the treadmill. I don’t have the heart to tell him this isn’t how it works. Speedo is wintering in New Hampshire with us, while his mom and dad have gone fled to Florida.”

[*Note: Speedo, dude. You shoulda gone to Florida. WAY less snow there. -Ed.]

-Nancy K., Pembroke, NH.

Caspar’s Friendly Toebeans

output_IOwsJX“This is my mum’s cat Caspar. He has the most amazingly relaxed Toebeans I have ever met! I took these myself on Christmas Day. Thanks for your (p)awsome website!” -Lucinda G. xx

Toesday II: Polar Paws UP!

240FD66D00000578-0-image-a-1_1418636671214[Everybody have a great Toesday, OK? Remember, it’s another short holiday week!]

(Photo by Sylvain Cordier as seen on Mail Online.)

Someone Thinks It’s Still ‘Tocktober

IMG_0677 However, it’s also Toesday, so everybody wins! (This is Millie, c/o Timothy R.)

Toesday: Those Are Some Spooky Toebeans!

10861123_1552733221640526_909147064567536634_o‘Member last Friday, we saw Spooky Boogie for the very first time- and we kinda figured it wouldn’t be the last time, either. Sure enough, he returns today and brings his Beans with him. As it says on his FB page, “Draw me like one of your Persian Cats.” Noooo problem, Spook-ster!

Let’s Welcome Betty To Toesday

IMG_3481Betty’s not only new to C.O., she’s new to…everywhere! “Her name is Betty, she’s the new member of our family since Saturday, she’s so pretty, fluffy and love to cuddle!” -Julie A.



Toesday: “♬ And They Call It….Kitteh Loff ♫…..”

15219995137_1881efafaf_oBEANS UP! I think we’re all in agreement that the very best thing to do on a Toesday Afternoon is…..take a nap. Photo by Sharon as seen on Flickr.


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