Welcome To Toesday

It’s early- we understand that- so if you wanna go back to sleep, we toe-tally understand.

Toesday Too

2015-07-09 21.08.33Got another terrific Toesday Submeesh for you, folks- that’s just how we roll. Lauren Sidwell took the time to write us and says, “Beau is a year and half old. I adopted him from the Animal Rescue League of Pittsburgh at the age of seven months. He’s a very active, very silly boy, and I love him a lot. In these pictures, he is helping me with my day planner. Clearly I need to add “pet the cat” to my daily schedule….at least once an hour.”

2015-07-09 21.06.44

Tiny Toesday

unnamedJessica L. took this photo for the CHOTK FB page.

Toronto Toesday

_DSC1164-2-3“I was hoping that I could submit my little Jackie Boy’s toebeans for your Toesday celebrations. Jackie was saved off the mean streets of Toronto, as a very sickly kitten, by Annex Cat Rescue. Don’t feel sorry for him because he is blind in one eye – he gets by just fine and tortures his older brothers constantly. Thank you to Annex for saving my sweet boy and looking after him until he found me.” -Vanessa.


Queen City Toe Beans

judpawCathy O. writes, “This is Jud, a 5 week old kitten at Save The Animals Foundation in Cincinnati. We think he’s got some adorable toesies, deserving of an appearance on Toesday!” We TOE-tally agree.

We asked Cathy about J’s availability, and she responded, “When he’s big enough to neuter & had his shots, but I understand one of our volunteers may adopt him when he’s ready.”


It’s Toesday (Scottish Fold Edition)

Folks, we got us some too-quality Toebeans in this video. Notice how Peenk -N- Delish the Beans are as this Scottish Fold Kitteh trys to nom the daylights out of this hoomin’s fingers. (Pro Teep: For better results, put a little peanut butter on ’em. Uh, the fingers, not the Beans.)

(DP&F Videos.)

The Return Of Rump Day

unnamedRump Day has been on a bit of a vacay, and now it’s they’re back! When half the work week is done, expect a Rump, like thees. “This is our Corgi Murphy, blending in with our hardwood floors. Just call him Camouflage dog :). Besides having adorable pants he is a Total Snuggler. Hope he makes the cut. Thanks for all the fun posts!” -Kristina C.

[*Note: Once again, we see ROC #47: Splayed haunch action is Cute. -Ed.]


20150607_131006[1]Got some Wicked Pissah Side-Eye goin’ theyah too, Arwen. “Submitted for your Toesday consideration: Arwen’s toe beans! Her front paws feature pink jellybean toes arrayed around a black jellybean center. Her back paws are all pink. All photos taken by me. Thank you! Mara B.”


It’s A Poly Toesday!

Toesdays on Cute Overload, now with more Beans Per Post than ever. This is Polly Dactyl! Well, not really.

(From CHOTK’s FB.)

Toesday: Blue Eyes, Black Beans

IMG_4237Buddybear welcomes you to Toesday! “One of the things I love most about my handsome Buddy (AKA Buddybear) is that he has one black bean on every paw!,” says Abbey H. “I mean, just look at ’em! Titles he also holds: Master of the Chill and Blue-Eyed Heart Melter. Infinite thanks for bringing joy to my soul!”




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