Best Toesday Photo Ever. Right Here.

jiro1The above Feature Photo wins the award. Bang. Done. (Well, if there WAS an award.)

“I would like to submit a few pictures of my super cute cat: Jiro,” writes Gigi W.

“He loves to be photographed and with such a cutie like him, I don’t mind photographing him all the time.”







OK..GUESS What Day It Is

IMG_0433(HINT: Comes after Rats, It’s Monday.)

Welcome to Toesday! And who is this? “My sister adopted two kittens just before Christmas, and we looked after them for a week. Here’s the cutest picture of Aziraphale we took during that week. I love the site. I visit every time I need to smile!” -Signe R.

Toesday II: Meet Land O’ Lakes!

210“My name is Mary T. and I wanted to submit my cat, Land O’ Lakes. She is such a wonderful cat and has such a sweet personality. Land O’ Lakes is adopted and she got her name when she was just a small kitten because she kept unwrapping and eating all of the butter off our counter before we could figure out it was her; to this day she has definitely lived up to her name, food is her favorite pastime by far. She is the best cat I have ever owned!”

Fat Cat Tuesday Toesday

lNIWZEvery year, we run a photo of Maru for the Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday celebration in New Orleans. Just a coincidence.

Welcome To Toesday, Gizmo. Uh….Gizmo? Hello?

IMG_1577Well, it’s early. It’s only 3am on the West Coast, after all. “This is my part Maine Coon, Gizmo. She was found in a stone wall as a tiny kitten and has grown into the sweetest cat. She loves sunbeams and kitty treats. I think this photo covers the requirements of Toe Beans and is THE definition of toe tufts. She’d love to be on Cute Overload! Photo taken by her mom Jenna.”

Now Those Are Some Cheesy Toebeans, Eh?

image“This is Cheese The Cat,” offers Tobias S.

Toesday Late-Breaking Bonus Post!!!

image1Had to get this one in here, JUST in from Jennifer M. Get a load of those BEANS! “Rudy says all the cool kids are on Cute Overload. He promised to stop chasing the cat if he got on the site. At least for a day. Which by the way- he is not naughty. He has spirit. Lots of spirit.” Rudy, time to give the break, starting right now.

Snow Beans

We’re temporarily postponing our regular Toesday Toe Beans feature due to the massive snowstorm hitting the US Northeast. It will return in one week. We apologize for any inconvenience.

(Seen on Pinterest; originally from dawn_perry on Flickr.)

It’s Toesday, Right On The Dot!

dot-toes-nose“For your consideration for Toesday, my little girl Dot!” -Zarina M.

Toesday II: Da-DUM…Da-DUM…

photoLookit those Beans, willya please? This is Sharky, which is why the lame header says “Da-DUM…Da-Dum” -never mind. Dumb is more like it. Anyway, Jena J wrote in and says “Sharky, my seven month old terrier mix rescue, showing off both her toe beans and her camouflage skill. Picture my me!”


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