Make It So, Geordi!

pretty geordi[*Wanted to work a Star Trek TNG reference in the header- Geordi LaForge, you know? -Ed.]

geordi foot
“I’d like to share some pics of Geordi, our lovely fuzzy Siberian. He’s as gorgeous as he is goofy. Thanks, and I love your site!” -Cathy G.

Hey Honey? Have U Seen The Remote?

“Oh, I think it’s in the living room. Or maybe ask Tyson, he might have it.”


“This is Tyson AKA Snufalupagous,” says Tracey V.

Super Jazz Hands Action!

Brody The Kitteh has a LOT to say. Watch how he flashes his BEANS and generally mouths off nonstop. Speakers up, please and thanks.

C.O. Rated: 100% Prosh.

The Squidster.

Hippopo’TockToeberbeantamus Overload

I think we’re in over our head….

“Hippopotamus ‘tocks at the San Diego zoo.” -Photo taken by Dee Dee Dotson

Beautiful Kitty …

Even beautifuller (capitalized out of respect) Toe Hawk! Look at eet! Eet ees Outrrageouss!

“It’s not a full toebean. It is, however, some pretty spectacular toe-tuftage. This is Sida, my sweet little patchwork cat.” -Kate

Toebean Tuesday AKA Toesday Featuring…

…maybe the best kitteh name evah. Seriously, People. Wait ’til you hear this name. Ready?

Indiana Piano Rabbit.

“These pictures are of my cat Indiana Piano Rabbit (her full name) relaxing in her favourite place in the house, the bathroom sink,” says Katie K.


“When it’s hot, my old girl (she’s almost 17) is either in the bathroom sink or the bathtub. She also likes to have either of these faucets turned on so she can have a fresh drink of water.”

“Her original name was Indy Cat, because when she was a kitten, she’d run around my apartment like she was on a race track. I felt like Indy should be a nickname, so her ‘official’ first name became Indiana. Piano is her middle name because a little boy thought her stripes looked like the keys on his toy piano. Rabbit is for two reasons; she had seventeen children and because she’s soft and fluffy like a rabbit.”

Toesday Table For One

Dinner is served!

“The tripartite of cute: a cat, some sun, and a table that you were using for something else!” -Shell & Zuma Puma (in London, UK)

Christmas In May

On a Toebean Tuesday, no less! “Well hello Cute Overlords! This is my kitteh, Christmas. She’s named for my fiancé’s favorite Bond girl.” -Alicia R.


Twofer Toebeansday #2

It’s Moose the Poose’s very first Toebeansday so he’s a little shy. We get that.

No rush, Moose the Poose. Whenever you’re ready.

Yay! There they are! That wasn’t so hard after all!

Meanwhile, young Morgan Freeman is all, “Put your toebeans in the air like you just don’t care!”

From the top, Tracy R., “A few “submeeshons” for your next Twofer Toebeans Day! These adorable pink toebeans belong to our Moose the Poose. When we rescued him he was a sleek hunter…but has since decided that he is much better suited to being a big fat spoiled rotten house cat.”
Christine D., “We just adopted a tiny kitten here, and thought he was pretty cute :) Definitely check out his toe beans. We named our little guy Morgan Freeman because he looks so distinguished.”

Twofer Toebeansday

Are you ready for some toebeans?

We sure do hope sooo! (sing song)



“Photo I took recently of our sweet Lila Kitty’s toes.”, Jennifer S., Carriage Association of America
Josh the Furrtographer and Beans, who you may remember from Tinee Tabbies Tussle!


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