Caturday Night Hijinx

Oh, it’s late. Just dive on in and SNORGLE THAT BELLEH!!!


Brad And Angie Got…Married?

1409212803892_wps_39_HANGZHOU_CHINA_AUGUST_27_It’s true, it’s true. And Angie didn’t even tell her pop Jon Voight about the wedding- sometimes it must be SO easy to write for TMZ and Mail Online. “Redonkulously Qte Bebeh Tigey tries to be terrifying but fails due to tooth-rotting levels of ‘daaawww!'” -Love, Esther from London, UK.

Ultimate Jazz Hands Action!!!

FUR_8312-X3From The Furrtographer, who says “I have foster kittens from Toni’s Kitty Rescue!”

New! From C.O.-Tel! Kitteh Inna Pocket!™

EVER been stuck without a kitteh? You NEED one and you NEED one NOW. Where to turn? Where to go?


Announcing Kitteh Inna Pocket™, NEW NEW NEW from C.O.-Tel! These top-quality fleece PJ’s come complete with their own Pocket-Sized Kitteh! And if you act now, we’ll ALSO throw in a copy (or two) of the 2011 Cute Overload Calendar leftover in the basement perfect for note-taking since it’s now three years old!

ORDER NOW! Operators are taking their lunch break standing by!

From Lisa J. as seen on Love Meow.

Cute Skills 101

Peeps, we all need to be fully prepared for the cute. CO training builds cute skills that will serve you for a lifetime. For example, when the littlest kitten evar discovers its littlest toebeans for the first time, it is okay to look but don’t let the kitten get away with, say, exposing its snorgalicious belleh spots! Instead, reach out and grab on for dear life. Now does anybody want to demonstrate?

“This just about caused me to keel over! Enjoy.” -Kim. Via YouTube

The Unbearable Lightness of Beans

Pure, light peenk wrapped in marshmallow fluff with a dash of prosh and little hints of delish that dance on top of your tastebuds, beans!

“This is Dolly (Parton). Her hobbies include: waking mommy up at 6am for food, creeping around the stairs, chasing mommy’s roommate’s cat Lionel, and taking naps underneath the couch.” -Yolin

Would You Like to Supersize That?

Today we are offering our Toesday super special deluxe mouth watering double stuft sugar glazed McToebean Tots!

“I would like to share this incredibly cute pic of 9 weeks old Django, sleeping on my pillow. Greetings from Germany.” -Veronika

Cat Scan

Think you’re gonna need a little Windex for that glass.

Cuteporter Elizabeth W. posted that on the CO Facebookster.

Hi-Res C.O.X.C.U. Toe Bean Action!

You won’t see ‘em any better than this. Ya take your Sony DSC-WX50 camera, line ‘er up, and ZAP.

“Helloooooo! These are pictures of my kitty, Kippo. He is a Devon Rex and he is 11 years old, which according to the chart at the vet, that means he is 60! He’s an old man and he loves to hide under any covers that he can find. He is currently hiding in my purple bed. He is SO cute! Don’tcha think?!” -Annie H.


Drool Spot in 3, 2, 1

Why yes, as a matter of fact I am very comfterbuls, thank you.

Stacie M. says, “This is Stella, a six week old Olde Englishe Bulldogge baby who we have the pleasure of loving.  Her toes are delectable!” Thanks for saving some for us, Stacie!


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