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Hooray, It’s Friday Toesday!

10500304_943340825728955_9000418291773962583_nYes, yes, it’s truly Friday- but we couldn’t hold this one until next Toesday! Photographer Jess Lessard worked her magic at Cat House On The Kings and came up with this shot!

Five For The Price O’ One

This is how I dog. - Imgur(*Update: Make that SIX.)

1.) Side-Eye.

2.) Derpy Tongue.

3.) Toe Beans.

4.) Generous ‘Tock Display.

5.) The Tailio Iglesias.

6. Crossed Paws!

That just about wraps this up, don’t you think?


ResQte Of The Week III: Gladys AKA Sponzo

039You might recall Benny from yesterday, c/o. Marla C. I asked Marla if Benny was hers, and she said no, she found that picture on Imgur..which is certainly fine.


She also sent us in a photo of a puppeh that IS hers. “If you want to see MY doggeh, please see the attached. Her name is Gladys (AKA, Gladbags, Princess Floofy Feet, and Sponzo, which stands for Spaz + Gonzo.) She is a rescue mutt that we adopted two years ago.”

Wicked Beans -N- Side-Eye Combo theyah, Gladys.

An Order O’ Cat House Beans, Please

11038387_1552331151706766_881429130903847358_nToe Beans are not JUST for Toesday. Here at C.O., we serve ’em up ANYTIME we want. “Picture is possibly by Sezgin Ahmed, but I’m not sure. And it was posted by Cat House on the Kings as one of their daily Good Night Facebook! posts. I love all those little toes- how super cute is that!? Thank you for making my day special for what seems like forever. I’ve been visiting Cute Overload since you got your own domain name! You’re the best!” -Beth H.

If The EARS Don’t Get Ya~

ImageProxy (1)…the Beans N’ Belleh will! Yes, I know, we ran a post of a Fennec Fox yesterday. Consider this a SEQUEL. Yeah, that’s it. Anyway, how can we RESIST these images c/o ZooBorns? A “quad” of ’em was born at Happy Hollow Park & Zoo in San Jose, CA. on January 23rd.



‘Tocks, Beans AND Side-Eye, Oh My!

Got three for the price of one here! “It was so hard to leave these two,” writes Karen D. “They’re my brother’s and live eight hours away and I had to come home. Ruby is seen here presenting ‘Tocks and Toe Beans in the hopes that it will keep her out of trouble for her latest round of mayhem. Her big brother, Max, is being his usual, ridiculously sweet self. Both photos were taken by me.”



ResQte Of The Week (Caturday Edition)

IMG_20150325_145346449_HDRCouldn’t decide whether these should be for TOESDAY or RESQTE OF THE WEEK– they work for both. What the heck, let’s just go with ’em now…it’s CATURDAY, anyway!!

“Hello, I’m submitting some photos of my adorable foster kittens. They are currently five and half weeks old, born to their mother, Rosie, who was a stray that was turned in to the Pawsitive Outreach, a spay/neuter rescue organization that I am currently fostering for.” -Glenna M.

[*Note- The kittens are located in Spokane, WA.; if you’re interested in these guys, Send them an email or call 509-703-9973 and ask for Gina, the adoption coordinator. -Ed.]



ResQte Of The Week: Scooch The Pooch

When I come back, I wanna come back as THIS guy. I see NO downside. Zero.

“This is a photo of Scooch The Shih Tzu, my three year old rescue from the Voorhees Animal Orphanage (NJ), PRAYING that Cute Overload will post his picture! Scooch is a big fan of your site and ready for fame. I love your site. Thank you so much. Always lifts my spirits and brightens my mood. Sincerely, Karen (who typed this email) (and Scooch R., who posed for the photo but didn’t know it at the time.)”

scooch praying
And…we got the FRONT view, too.

scooch cb5

Scooch shame

I Got Some Extra Floof If U Want It

Spooky Silvie“Hi, I would like to introduce you to Sylvie. She was a very hungry and lonely stray when she came begging at my back door a couple of years ago. She took to the good life with gusto. She has beautiful gray and peach fur that is so soft, and she boasts Massive Foot Floofage, as well as Adorable Toe Beans. Here she is ready to play. She has huge green eyes, so sometimes I call her Bette Davis. These were all taken by me, Tina B., at home in Nashville, Tennessee.”


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