#Tocktober: And THAT’S A Wrap

And we come to the end of Halloween + ‘Tocktober, always one of my favorite times of the year. We bid farewell to ‘Tocktober with this ‘Tock Shot from Kathy C. “The Ducks at our local reservoir got together for a ‘Tocktober party!”

P.S.: Nosevember 1st….is coming up NEXT.


“Does This Meet ‘Tocktober Criteria?”

That was the Subject Line for Margaret M.’s email. So…let me think about that for a minute. OK, yes. “Have to start with I LOVE YOUR SITE! Thought I would Duck in and drop this off before the month wraps up! Taken at Piper Spit on Burnaby Lake in Burnaby British Columbia.”

Bear Necessities: ‘Tocks & Beans (Part II)

“Oh no, the last Toesday in ‘Tocktober! I’d better get you this photo of a grizzly bear showing off both. I hope you enjoy it. Taken by me at the San Francisco Zoo last Saturday.” -Carina M.

Last Toesday Of ‘Tocktober, So…

…let’s serve up some ‘Tocks -N- Beans! “Attached please find a pick of Greyson (aka ‘Grey,’) our former foster cat (now adoptee/new member of the family) showing off his ‘Tocks. Photo by: TJ (aka his adoptive mama.)” -Tara C.

Hmmm…This Is EITHER…

….one of those furry hats Sean Connery wore in “Hunt For Red October,”…or “Katherina, in the classic meatloaf position, with the end slice in view and haunches up.” Your guess is as good as mine. Pic/description from Michael S.

#Tocktober Is For The Birds!

At least for THIS post it is! A few days left in the month, and whhat do we have here? “I went to the Audubon Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary this weekend– where the songbirds will eat right out of your hands!— and this little fella decided to show me his cute little ‘Tocks. Chickadees are my most favorite birds (read: the absolute cutest), so I had to send it on to you. I hope you like it! (Bonus photo of bird in hand below!)” -Marlena.

unnamed (1)

“You’re Staring At Them, Aren’t You.”

“I get this every year at this time. People drive from all around just to stare. I guess I should be flattered.”

(Another Quality Smedley Find from ZooBorns.)

Last Bunday Of ‘Tocktober!

Where HAS the time gone? Got some Double ‘Tocks this time around, thanks to Matthew & Kelley. “Dear C.O., please accept the Fluffy ‘Tocks of our Rescue Bunnies. The Light Grey Bun (below) is Sassafras Buttocks Biden, aka Sassy Butt. We don’t usually reveal her middle name, but for ‘Tocktober we felt we had to make an exception. The dark grey bun (above) is Joe “Bitey” Biden, who, as you might guess from his name, is a bit of a biter. We are daily visitors to your site and thank you for many years of Cuteness!”


Eight Days To Go~

…’til the end of ‘Tocktober! Always a busy time here- we’ve got ‘Tocktober and Halloween smooshed right up against Nosevember and all, so let’s get ‘Tockin’! These come from across The Big Pond in Germany, c/o Elisabeth D. “Hello and greetings, I found in my photos a few with ‘Tocktober theme I think. I wish you a good time!”

[*Note: Click to Super-Size™ this next one. -Ed.]




#Tocktober ResQte Of The Week: Toby Sinatra!

Easy candidate for Best Name Ever. “This is Toby Sinatra, showing us his ‘Tocks while cooling off at an adoption fair*. He’s staying with Family Dog Rescue in San Francisco while he waits for his forever home.” -Victoria R.

*Rule Of Cuteness #47: Splayed Haunch Action is Cute. : Rule of Cuteness #20: Showing your paw pads is cute.