T-Minus Three Days To Go…

IMG_20140924_082011…’til one of C.O.’s biggest days of the year- ‘Tocktober First! Twenty-four hours of ‘Tocktastic, er, ‘Tocks. And who do we have here on Bunday, BTW? “This is our Mini Rex Eddie, showing one of his best sides. His human sister is 11 year old Sarah. He also has a MinPin dog brother named Bob, a Siberian cat sister named Elsa, and two Gerbil sisters named Goldie and CoCo.” -Katrin J., Bradenton, FL.

A ‘Tocktober Tease, If U Please

Next Wednesday is ‘Tocktober First. As usual, we’re presenting 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks! So stock up on some meelk n’ Oreos- the new Pumpkin Spice are killer BTW- take a PC day, then fire up the ‘puter and check out OUR ‘Tocks.

So to speak.

Here’s a preview of what you can expect!

“Hi Cute Overload! It always makes my day to get a photo on your site. This little guy I met at a gas station in Utah while on a road trip back in ’02*. I thought his ‘Tock Wrinkles might be ‘Tocktober-worthy anyway.” -Carina M.

[*Note- there is no expiration date on 'Tock Shots. -Ed.]

‘Tocktober 2014: Coming Soon!

Wasn’t it just June? Or July? The Calendar hanging on the wall says September 15th- that’s a bit over two weeks until the start of ‘Tocktober 2014! And as usual, We Need Your ‘Tocks!

(Well, not your ‘Tocks, your pet’s ‘Tocks. You know.)

Please send ‘em to us right here! (And if you would, just put ‘TOCKS or something like that in the subject line. So we can assign it Tock Top Priority!) Then start the ‘Tocktober countdown!

Mille, from Patricia D.

Six Months And Nineteen Days ‘Til ‘Tocktober

Good grief, that’s a long time. Until then, take a look at these ‘Tocks, willya? What do they remind you of? (Answers in the hover.)






From Distractify.com.


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