Do Our Tails Make Our ‘Tocks Look Big?

A trifecta of tiny tailed ‘tock titans:



“Peeg ‘tocks, from Dropstone Farms, Orting, Washington. He’s certainly having a good time wallowing in his mud soup! ” -Susan H.
“Taciturn pachyderm at Woodland Zoo, Seattle, WA. Despite much coaxing and cajoling from onlookers, (s)he was having nothing to do with any of us.”  -Addicted follower, Margaret M.
“This lovely okapi lives at the London Zoo. A shy creature that originates from the Congo , was discovered in 1901.” -Helen  O. “PS Your site is my happiest addiction! Thank you for the overload of cute you share!!!”


A ‘Tocktober Halloween Tail

… and that’s when I heard the monster scratch-scratch-scratching outside my open window. I turned, and saw a bony, three-fingered hand reaching to grab me…

... and his eyes felt just like... THESE GRAPES!!!
Susie M. says: “This is my girl Daisy. She is usually much more lady-like by sleeping side saddle. But who can blame a tuckered pup for just collapsing after a hard day of being cute?”

Do Not Try This At Home, even if it IS ‘Tocktober!

Wonderful ‘tock shot, but whoa, just whoa. Isn’t there a rule about not standing behind a horse? Kinda makes ya nervous just looking at it. And check out that stink eye!

“Dear Cuteoverload, here is Furiol’s ass, an elegant and nice and strong Spanish horse’s one, from somewhere in the high Pyrenees a month or so ago. Tock and tack in one pic!” -Bogi

Butt, Butt, Butt, …

these magnets are so attractive!

“I was doing a little online shopping today and came across these *ahem* unique magnets. My first thought was, ‘These are perfect for ‘Tocktober!’ My second thought was, ‘I should send these to CO!'” ~Anna G.

Do These ‘Tocks Make Me Look Fat?

“Our new Australian Shepherd, Duke McStubbins* loves to climb on everything and has the most amazing, Fluffy ‘Tock and Stubby Tail. This morning he wasn’t feeling very well and gave me the saddest eyeballs ever. Needed to share.” -Jackie N.

Duke Tocks

[Well, there’s no such award. But if there was, Duke wins. -Ed]

Muffin’s Bunday Bunny Bun Buns

Awwww, you are going to loff Muffin’s bunny bun buns tailio ‘tocks for Bunday.

10044841524_14c0326c2e_z (1)
You are going to go crazay for Muffin’s privacy tailio bunny bun buns shot (tail down), plus bunny shadeauw!

If you are not Loving! This! like we are, …We need to talk to you about it. Now.

“I’m a big fan of Cute Overload, and my bunny Muffin loves to show off her tocks. Hope you enjoy them!” -Maria Inês Roque.

Sea Lion ‘Tocks!

These Bebeh Sea Lions were injured when they washed up on a Peruvian shore. But great news heah! They’ve all been nursed back to health by this group! (Site is in Spanish, but use Chrome and get Immediate Translate Action at no cost.)

Check out the ‘Tock Diving starting at :16 or so, and watch ’em go!

Mid-Month ‘Tock Revue

[In order to fully appreciate ‘Tocks, you have to understand exactly what is it you’re looking at. As the month is half over, let’s review a few basic ‘Tock Features. Creditos in hovers as noted.-Ed]

1. Splayage: Believed to be first referenced here back in ’08. Thought to have been perfected in Japan by His Thickness.


2. Texture: While it’s true that most ‘Tocks are silky smooth, some ‘Tocks can be, well, not smooth. As Cuteporter Josh Norem says, “Giraffe from the Oakland Zoo. It’s kind of bumpy.” Just so.


3. Stealth: Sometimes you don’t want to show ’em off…so you blend in.


4. Size Matters: The Littlest ‘Tock of all. ‘Nuff said.


A Horse Is A Horse, Of Course Of Course

So far this ‘Tocktober, we’ve had Heffalumps, Puppehs, Pigs, you name it. Now we’ve got a horse of a different color kind.

“This from the Draft Horse Inn, Arcadia, WI.” -Dave V.

‘Tocks N Beans For Breakfast, Please

That’s what the CO kitchen’s serving up on Toesday morning! (It’s always swell when you can combine TWO different topics into ONE post!) Wassup, Indy?

“My name is Indy D. and this is my 13 week old Bernese Mountain Dog named Eiger! He loves ‘Tocktober! WE LOVE CUTE OVERLOAD!”