‘Tocktober 2013: The End

People, we’ve come to not only the end of Halloween, but the end of ‘Tocktober! We thank you for the many terrific images you sent in! These photos seems to wrap up ‘Tocktober pretty well:

“Padme ‘Hamie’ Dala says farewell to a lovely month of ‘Tocks. Thank you C.O.” -Susan G.

“Being that Tocktober’s ‘end’ is tonight, I figured that I better get this in. I used to take photographs for the website of our local Humane Society and this little dude was having none of it.” -Mike B.

A Prosh Porker Posterior, from Cuteporter Terri D.

“Hello, this seems like a good transitional picture from ‘Tocktober to Nosevember. My dog Tokoloshi (Toko for short) doing her best ‘Firefox‘ impression. Toko was rescued from our local shelter in 2011. Photo by her hoomin CDM, (me) who has been visiting Cute Overload daily for years and years. Thanks C.O. for your site- it’s great!!”

CDM is right! We kick off NOSEVEMBER in just a little while. Stay tuned! W00t!


ULTIMATE ‘Tocktober Post ALERT

One day left in ‘Tocktober, and this email just came ZOOMIN’ in. (Better late than nevah.) “I got this suggestion in the YouTube player after watching the Clevah Wombat video,” says Cuteporter Bruno G. “Soooo fitting for ‘Tocktober!”

Got that right, Goozak.

And as long as we’re here, will you gaze at THESE ‘Tocks, from RocketNews24! (Hushed reverential tones: “They must be TWENTY FEET TALL!!”)


Mix ‘Tocktober And Nosevember Together, And Get…


“I was at a pumpkin patch farm last weekend and saw these guys snoozing and immediately thought of ‘Tocktober and Nosevember for some reason and snapped this photo to share with you!” -Tamaly.

Hippopo’TockToeberbeantamus Overload

I think we’re in over our head….

“Hippopotamus ‘tocks at the San Diego zoo.” -Photo taken by Dee Dee Dotson

Cute ‘Tocks

Cute ‘tocks, CO cute ‘tocks. What kind of ‘tocks are CO cute ‘tocks?
Big ‘tocks,

Little ‘tocks,

‘Tocks who climb on rocks!

Goat ‘tocks,

Matchingks ‘tocks,

Even ‘tocks like chicken ‘tocks.

Oh cute ‘tocks,

CO cute ‘tocks,

The ‘tocks peeps love to bite?! (pops in mouf)

Credits in the hovertexts!

Chewie, Get Us OUTTA Here!

If the puppeh is named “Chewie,” there has to be multiple Star Wars™ references. It’s sorta a rule.

“Your eyes can deceive you; don’t trust them.” -Obi Wan Kenobi, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

“The ‘Tocks are strong with this one.” -Darth Vader, Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.

“Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you?” -Yoda, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

“Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?” -Princess Leia, Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.

“These aren’t the ‘Tocks we’re looking for. You can go about your business.” Stormtrooper, Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.

“This is our sweet Cairn Terrier Chewie, and his ‘Tocks in various stages of hairiness. Chewie would be so pleased to see his bum on Cute Overload.” -Rigel P. Quotes from Notable Quotes and IMDb.

Bunday: Talk To The ‘Tock, Willya?

[It’s Bunday, and I can’t be bothered with your mwah mwah mwah.]

“Our bunny Stella Blue demands petting. When she doesn’t get it, we get The ‘Tock Treatment, and she turns around to make sure we’ve noticed.” -Carlos S.


The calendar says ‘Tocktober 26. It’s getting pretty late in the month, and you’ve been trying to get that Perfect ‘Tock Shot. You quietly creep into position in your bare feet, silently cursing #$#%!& when your camera beeps at you to let you know the battery is low. Too late.

Your camera has betrayed you. You’re busted with The Look.

“A friend’s new Icelandic Shepherd puppeh.” -Cuteporter A.J.

Get Yer Dupa Ova Hea

Dupa? Wait a minute, Melissa and Sam R. will help us get to the bottom of this…

“This is Dupa, our Boston Terrier. Dupa is the Polish word for butt, which is why he is great for Tocktober! Isn’t my Dupa the cutest?! Don’t you wish your Dupa was as cute as mine?!”

Dupa is the cutest leaf chomper Boston Terrier we’ve seen in a long time!

These Guys Know A Thing (Or Two) ‘Bout ‘Tocktober

Thing One and Thing Two as spotted on the Japan Interwebs, by Cuteporter Anna C.