Timo’s Greatest (Hammock) Hits

As we all know, Timo spends a lot of time in the sack. Like this is a surprise where cats are concerned. Here is a compilation of some of T-Man’s Greatest Naps.


Grooming 101

Dogs? They just kinda take it as it comes. I need a bath? OK, I’ll get to that…soon. Cats, though- an entirely different story. Grooming is a THING for them. Timo shows us the proper procedure.

The Force Is With Timo

Those lightsabers looked a whole lot more dangerous in the movie- but Timo handles them with ease. I mean, can you see Master Yoda CHEWING on a lightsabre? Not, I think.

What’s Under The Tree, Timo?

[Looks like someone got me a Dog for Christmas. Sick sense of humor if you ask me.]

Another Christmas “Helper”

Timo The Ragdoll is ALL ABOUT helping with the Christmas Ornaments. ‘Cause he knows* there’ll be some treats in his stocking if he does. [*Note: Typical Cat Behavior: ‘What’s in it for ME?’- Ed.]

Caturday: Jurassic…Timo?

Without a doubt the cutest Dino we’ve ever seen. Nice suit, too.

Big Hug To France From Timo The Ragdoll

Timo pretty much says it all here.

Let’s Just Paws For A Moment

Timo loves playing his favorite game, “Get The Paper On The Other Side Of The Door.”

Timo: (Sing-Song Voice:) “♬ I’ve Got Something MARU Doesn’t Have ♫…”

Check this out! Timo goes absolutely bonkers in his new Cat Tube, but it eventually gets the best of him in the end…

The Minions Are BACK

Last week, we saw ’em whack a puppeh in the snoot. Now they invade Timo’s house. How will this turn out??