For All U Cat Owners Out There….

….who have spent hundreds of dollars on fancy cat toys- listen up. A feather will do the job quite nicely, as Timo shows us!

How To Treat Your Cat Like A King (Or Queen)

They allow us to do everything for them. We are at their mercy. Unfortunately…..they know this.

I’ll Work Out….Tomorrow

As the hot weather drags on throughout many parts of the world- you might find yourself just a BIT unmotivated to get up off the couch for a little exercise. Timo understands, and is here to help!

♫ See The (Animuhl Name Here) And Butterfly ♪

animals-with-butterflies-14__880From the looks of things, Flutterbys can be BFFs with just about anyone!

animals-with-butterflies-1__880 (1)






Vajda B. spotted these wonderful shots on Bored Panda. Words and music by Ann and Nancy Wilson.

Timo has a butterfly, too!


[I was snoozing on the couch and all of a sudden I had a dream there was this Squawking Beak Thing right there on me and- wait, it’s NOT a dream??]

Spend Your Caturday Night With Timo

Going out, getting groomed, being fed by his personal can opener- just another Caturday Night for Timo The Ragdoll.

Night Night, Timo

Don’t we ALL wish we had beds like Timo does? Yes we doooooo…………

Someone’s Ready For Beddy

If you wanna know the troof, Timo is ALWAYS ready for beddy.

Bad Case Of Timo Envy Right Now

See, growing up, I was definitely a Superman guy, even though I loved the Batcave and all the Bat-Gadgets. (Oooo, UTILITY BELT. But Superman didn’t NEED any gadgets.) So I’d go running around our Louisville house with a red dish towel hanging from my neck via a snippet of elastic, that my Mom put together.

Now look. Even CATS have cooler Superman capes than I did.

As it should be.

Caturday Night~ Timo Goes Offline

[Ah, time to shut ‘er down on a Caturday night. Turned off the alarm clock, got the TiVo set to tape “Lost in Space;” and..there’s my bunny. All set. Later.]


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