“So, What Do I Do With This?

Timo (joined later by Cleo) doesn’t seem to get the concept of a “sled.”

“I’ve just posted a new Christmas video. I hope this video of Timo & Cleo brings people in the mood for Christmas! Hope you like it! Petra.”

Another Day, Another TIMO Adventure

On Caturday, we saw Timo and his Christmas Bear. Today, he decides to help decorate the Christmas Tree. Who KNEW those things could be SO much fun??

Time To Haul Out The Christmas Bear

Timo seems perplexed bored with Christmas Bear, then decides passing out on the couch is pretty much the best course of action. Cats have been known to do this.

Timo VS. The Drone

This really isn’t a big deal, it’s just for THE SUPREMACY OF THE LIVING ROOM and all.

Timo, You Gonna Get Outta Bed Today, Buddy?

You wanna think about it for awhile, huh? Totally understandable.

Caturday: Less Than A Week To Go Before Halloween…

…and if you put a bunch of catnip in his pumpkin, Timo will be just fine with that!

Timo (And Friends)

These video clips must have been taken after dinner. All of Timo’s friends look stuffed.

Wake Up, Timo! It’s Caturday Morning!

[…and tell me again- why would I want to do that?]

Walkin’ A Thin Line There, Timo

Timo The Kitteh enjoys playing with some Little Rubber Duckies, and it looks like he doesn’t mind a tiny bit of water getting on his fur.

If he slips and lands in the sink, it’s an #IMPENDINGDOOM tag for sure.

This Caturday Mornin’ Video Makes Me Sleepy

For the life of me, I can’t imagine why. Back to the sack.


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