And That’s Gonna Do Eet For The Week!

Hope you enjoyed our 24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day extravaganza yesterday! And before you know it, here’s another holiday tomorrow (In the U.S., anyway- President’s Day! No, sorry, no 24 Hours Of Presidents.) We’ll be here with a new Maru and a special President’s Day post, too!

A lot of you may have the day off Monday, so sleep in- just like Timo and Cleo here!

Caturday: Don’t Be Coy Koi…

..when it comes to making friends! Take Timo here, for example. He just leans right in for a little Interspecies Snorgling!

Timo Is Thrilled About His New Teddy Bear

Can’t you tell how excited he is?

Timo’s Having A Bit Of An Identity Crisis

Timo’s hoomin Petra writes to C.O. and says “In Timo’s latest video you can see why the personality of Ragdoll Cats can be described as dog-like :).”

Meet Mr. Right…..

…..and Mrs. Always Right. (AKA Timo and Cleo!)

I’ll Go With Timo In The Seventh Race At Santa Anita

Timo, pal- you do realize you have a little horse racing jockey on your back, right? Oh, you do? And you’re fine with that? OK, just checking.

Timo’s Greatest Hits 2014

We’ve featured Timo The Kitteh several times in 2014- here we present the Best Of Timo for this year!

“So, What Do I Do With This?

Timo (joined later by Cleo) doesn’t seem to get the concept of a “sled.”

“I’ve just posted a new Christmas video. I hope this video of Timo & Cleo brings people in the mood for Christmas! Hope you like it! Petra.”

Another Day, Another TIMO Adventure

On Caturday, we saw Timo and his Christmas Bear. Today, he decides to help decorate the Christmas Tree. Who KNEW those things could be SO much fun??

Time To Haul Out The Christmas Bear

Timo seems perplexed bored with Christmas Bear, then decides passing out on the couch is pretty much the best course of action. Cats have been known to do this.


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