THIS JUST IN: RIP To Leonard Nimoy

The iconic Star Trek actor was 83. #LiveLongAndProsper.



First photo seen in Comments c/o Paul; third photo from Cyndi E.


THIS JUST IN: Simon’s Cat In “Butterflies”

Simon’s Cat has a Valentine’s Day present for his one true love. But, as is often the case with cats- even animated ones- it doesn’t quite go according to (burp) plan…

THIS JUST IN! Teddy Bear Says The Super Bowl Winner Is…

You’re just gonna have to click the video to find out!

THIS JUST IN: New Maru & Hana

Hmmmm…looks like THIS video is just with Hana. Or is it?

Update: I think this is the bed in question– Mugumogu buys everything from Going for about $100 USD today. “This is a cat house made of 100% wool felt. It looks like, like a large egg, perfect for the interior of the room. Is the perfect cat bed to favorite cat is that dive into the hole.”

Spend Your Caturday With Maru & Hana

THIS JUST IN: Mugumogu’s latest and greatest video creation features a variety of Maru and Hana clips!

THIS JUST IN: Maru Never, Ever Gives Up

The Circle gets what he wants.


We also get another terrific look at Mugumogu’s surgically clean home. Just think how much she spends on Swiffers.

THIS JUST IN: Which Trash Box Is Maru In?

Well, His Roundness is in one or the other!

THIS JUST IN! Maru & Hana Go Offline

They don’t have too bad a gig, do they? [*Note- this one has music. -Ed.]

Sad News To Report, People

Martin “Marty” Mouse has passed away. Details here. RIP little buddy. Best ratty ever.