“This is Bouncer, a shelter puppy I met a few weeks ago. He and his siblings managed to survive a tough battle with Parvovirus, and they were all adopted into fantastic homes.” -Patrick J.

[*Note: Patrick sent this photo in with a link to a blog he made. Trust me on this when I say you will not believe the photos he has on there. So we’re gonna save that link. Coming up tomorrow morning…8:30am PT. Buckle up- these will knock ya right outta your seat. Promise. -Ed.]

[*Note #2: Here’s a preview- this is Saxon. -Ed.]



THIS JUST IN: Maru’s New Toy

We’ve seen His Thickness stuff himself in most every type of box possible. Now, he tries something new: a mixing bowl.

THIS JUST IN: ResQte Of The Week 2 (Malibu Edition)

Sea Lion pups were released yesterday back into the wild after weeks in the care of the Marine Mammal Rescue Team at the California Wildlife Center! (And…is that a kees @ :36?) From KB.

CWC Sea Lion Release from Kim Barker on Vimeo.

THIS JUST IN: Happy Second Birthday To Hana

Better known as The Round One’s sidekick, Hana is blowing out two candles on the birthday cake this year! Have a great one, Hana. Watch out for you know who, he’ll steal all the cake!

[*Technical Note: Had to download/re-upload original source video due to a processing error on the original Mugumogu upload. -Ed.]

THIS JUST IN: BUB Jumps Off The Couch

According to BUB’s Hoomin—she’s never done this before. Go, BUB, Go!!

THIS JUST IN! April Showers Bring…Simon’s Cat

Wuz just wondering when we’d see another edition of Simon’s Cat, and here we are!


The headline says it all. As the video says…“This may quite possibly be the cutest thing you’ll see in your entire life.”



[*Note: See here for the story from a week ago. -Ed.]

“We just got the call from the UC Davis Oncology Surgeon that performed Beau’s surgery last Friday: he’s cancer-free!!! We’re so happy and want to thank all our C.O. fans for their comments, prayers, good wishes and positive thoughts. They worked! And of course many thanks to Brinke, for sharing our cause. Beau’s wearing his Thundershirt because it’s a better alternative than the cone. We’re looking forward to a long life with this furry guy. With much C.O. love, Deborah and Chris, his hoomins.”

THIS JUST IN: Get Well Soon, Beauregard

“Some years ago we sent in a picture of our Schipperke puppy, Beauregard, laying on a dust mop as I pushed it around our floor. An astute reader called him a “Swifferke” and the moniker sticks to this day. Beauregard just had a small mass, a soft-cell sarcoma, removed from his hock last week. He’s at UC Davis and is having surgery today to clean out all the margins of that mass. He’ll start radiation in 2 weeks. I hope all our C.O. fans will send prayers, karma, positive thoughts Beau’s way for a speedy recovery. His prospects are good, and we appreciate all your support.

With C.O. love,
Deborah G., Vacaville, CA.”


UPDATE 4pm PT: “We haven’t heard from the vets so he may still be in surgery. He’ll spend tonight there and we’ll pick him up tomorrow.”

C.O. Cat Sheep Café World Tour: Seoul, South Korea

Taking a momentary detour from our Cat Café World Tour- we find ourselves in Seoul, South Korea, for what certainly must be the first ever Sheep Café featured here. According to the RN24 story, they can roam the “Thanks Nature Café” when it isn’t too crowded, and you can feed ’em hay, too.

Hay! It’s the Year Of The Sheep, after all.





If You Go™

Addy: Seogyo-dong, Mapo-486 Seogyo Prugio shopping B121, Seoul, Korea 121-842. (Google Map.)

Hours: Mon – Sun, 11:00 am – 10:00 pm.

Phone: 02-335-7470.

Social: FB.