Late posts today

Hey Peeps! I’ve been partyin’ it up in NYC, USA at the Webby Awards and it’s been a HOOT. I’ll be sure and post pics ASAP. Meanwhile, today and tomorrow’s posts are going to be short and sweet, People!
It doesn’t mean I love you any less.

Safari Issue – Follow Up

The Cute Labs have tested the new style sheet, and it appears to work in Safari now with the full three columns! If you’re using Safari, simply hit shift-[refresh button on browser] to see the amazing results!

SUPER HUGE PROPS to both Bunny Fiv3r and Mr. Nick O’ Neill (of Authentic Geek) for all their help making the three-column update happen.


Safari issue

Thanks all, for writing in with the Safari browser issue. Our new three-column layout is buggy in Safari and we’re tryin’ to fix her by this weekend. We know you want the full imagery! Stay tuned.

Today is the last day to vote vote vote…

P47_stoat…For the Webby’s People’s Choice!

This baby stoat just voted! Won’t you?

You muuuuuuust vote for C.O. for best Blog – Culture/Personal and, while you’re in there, vote for C.O. editor Sparky too, for The Reebok Shoe Customizer in Marketplace/Retail!


Baby Stoatenheimer thanks to the fine folks at Manaaki Whenua Research center.

This just in, you can now search the blog

Now, when you want to, NEED to find that particular post FAST you can search the site! On the sidebar is a new search feature. Try it out! Let me know what you think.


What ARE they talking about?

GlossOK.  Hi.  This is Theo.  I seem to have been promoted.  W00T!!

So, here’s a sad truth:  While I am a geek, what I know about building web pages amounts to diddly x squat / bupkis (***ERROR: Division By Zero).  I’m hoping y’all will bear with me while I monkey around with TypePad’s “Compose a New Post” interface, here.  Anyhoo.

With the assistance of Meg and CuteOverload reader Anna Grace, I’ve compiled a rough table of the more common Cute-Isms that have cropped up in the posts & comments round these here parts.  I also threw in some less-common entries because, what the heck, sometimes you just gotta take liberties.  And it was a slow day at the office, and I was having fun.

Again: I’m not a WWWizard.  However, plenty of other folks here are, so the formatting just might improve quite a bit in the coming days.  But for now, without further ado, here they are, the fabulous entries of the shiny new CuteOverload Glossary! Yay!!!  [waves arms around a la Kermit the Frog as the curtain opens]

(I hope you’ve got a little reading time on your hands)

Please note that there should be a permanent link to the Glossary appearing soon in the left-hand margin, under “MORE! MORE! MORE!

Introducing: Caption Me!

At CuteLabs Headquarters, we have an overwhelming amount of fabulous photos. Some that simply scream for captions—captions only YOU can provide.

Introducing "Caption Me!" a sthilly new feature brought to you by the fine folks at Ning and CuteOverload. We’ve added it to our sidebar, and you can add it to the sidebar of your own page too, if you so desire. It’s free!

Holy crapulence! Sweet!

Vote4us_108x108_trans_1Holy ear-to-head-ratios, People, you’ve done it again! We done got nominated for a sweet Webby award. So make like an Amerrrrican, and


I thank you, the kittens thank you,


You’re jumping on the poll options

LIKE WHITE ON RICE you are THERE—giving your opinions! (365 comments on the T-Shirt question below, hello!) You’re jumping to the chance to answer! with your thoughts! your wish list! your DREAMS for the subject of CuteOverload T-Shirt #2!

The question dangles in front of you and you have LEAPT TO ANSWER IT!

OK, People, let’s make it official. I hear you loud and clear. The top options are now in a poll on the left, waiting for your vote. What will America SAY!? What can we design for you? What do you want to see on the next T-SHIRT?


Oh, and if you want me to add more options to the poll, HOLLER!

Question for you: the next T-Shirt

My co-worker almost always starts off talking to me by saying: "OK, question for you…" So I always have to get my hand on the buzzer to be ready to answer. Seriously, a question for you: the poll for the next T-shirt—what makes your top 5 list?

And, side note, there is only ONE WEEK LEFT to order the World Peace Hamster Shirt. and after that it will no longer be available! I’m like, totally not joking about this.

So, what’s your top five for the next T-shirt design? I’ll make a poll. I’m thinkin':

1. Chihuahua in a cup
2. Princess Pup
3. Pom Paws Up
4. Bunny in a dish (sans carrot)
5. Yin Yang kittens

and for old time’s sake, ’cause it rocks (but I know I’ll be outvoted)
1. "Get it on"

What do YOU want to see in the T-shirt vote?


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