The last day! How to vote in three easy steps

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Like a baby stoat

stoat stoat stoat

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Vote! Cute Overload for People’s Voice at the WEBBY’S! Here’s how!

1. Log in to the Webby’s People Choice site
2. Go to "Connections" section
3. Scroll to "Weird" section

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Last 2 days for People’s Webby vote!

Vote vote vote!

Like a baby stoat

stoat stoat stoat

cast a leetle vote!

Vote! Cute Overload for People’s Voice at the WEBBY’S!

In the "Weird" category



"Ermine portrait" aka Stoat Snugglin’ from Wikipedia.

THIS JUST IN: New Cute Overload Hamster T’s!

That’s right, People, the wait is over.


And this time, the hamsters have wings. And pants. Still top-notch quality, natch.


And like hamsters, they’ll be around for a limited time.

A quick note on calendar submishes

BeegDearest Sender Inners!

A quick note on calendar submishes! First, I APPRECIATE the BEELLIONS of submishes ya’ll have been sending in. TRULY OUTSTANDING! [Hamsters giving standing ovation] Ya’ll would submit your grandmother if you could.

I gotta re-iterate, so that no one is disappointed :( that to be considered for the calendar, the photo has to be high-resolution. This means, the BIGGEST version of the photo you can find.

Got a super-huge photo you’d like to submit to our 2009 calendar?

Feel free to SUBMEET EET! This is the last week left!

Thank you,
El Mangemento

p.s. a-member, if your photo has already appeared on the website, you can RE-SUBMIT EET for the calendar!

People’s Choice: The Best 2007 Commentroversy

At Cute Overload, we pride ourselfs with providing engaging content. Sometimes, that plan backfires! Hee! That’s when we call it a "Commentroversy." This year, it’s the People’s Choice to decide the BEST Commentroversy… What do YOU think? Choose one in the poll below.

The "Over-Snorgle!"


Chomping on Cute Animals!

I’m Sure There’s a Perfectly Good Explanation for This

Meg uses the word "Goddamn"!

And, with a whopping 3570 comments: Fat Cat on a Couch!

Virus Update: Possible Squishage?


Sorry for all the trouble in the past week. It appears we’ve finally identified the source of the Windows Trojan. After scouring our site content, mistakenly investigating some of the ad providers, we still couldn’t find anything. Still reports kept coming in, so we knew it was still there. It turns out, it looks like our hosting provider system configuration had been compromised and was periodically serving up a page with an embedded JavaScript Trojan within a File Not Found page. The error triggering that 404 has been resolved and we’ve notified our provider. Once we hear back from them, we’ll do a final update, but for now we think we’re back to the QTE.

Windows users, please make sure your browser cache is clear if you’ve visited the site within the past week and make sure you always run good anti-malware solutions. Mac users, you’re free and clear, as usual.

If you’re still seeing problems, please email

Vote for C.O. in the Peta awards…

GetimagezgiBok Bok!

Vote vote vote, like a baby stoat!

The Peta awards has nommed (not to be confused with ‘nom nom nom’) Cute Overload in their pet blog category.

So, take time out from eating tofu to vote, Peeps!


Annoying virus :(

Commoncold_2If you’re on Internet Explorer, you may be seeing warnings about a virus when you attempt to see Cute A virus appeared on this site about a week ago, and we’ve been trying to fight it, but have not killed it yet.

Thank you for all your notes and concern. Please know that we are working on killing it, but it’s an elusive little bugger.

We will follow up with more news ASAP, and in the meantime thank you for your patience…

"Common Cold" from Giant!

Whut up, Self Peeps!

Thanks for the mayn-shons, Self magazine.I agree, C.O, is all about de-stressing. And paws. And muzzlepowshes. And chomping on kitten ears while no one is looking.


Josée L., thank you for the SCAN-tabulous submishe!!!

Just a note of THANKS [head tilt]


People, you’re really doing a GREAT job of it. Serious. Have I told you that lately? GIve yourself a PAT ON THE BACK!

The traffic of this site continues to grow, and it’s all because of YOU. I mean, I can only hit this site so many times a day. (3? 4?) But ya’ll consistently bring the trafeek numbers Juuuuust past 4.

It’s truly amazing to see the continued growth—traffic is hurtling forward faster and furiouser than a kitteh trying to get out of a swimming pool.


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