Stretching into the New Year! Ehn!


Happy New Year, Peeps!

2006 was the dawn of The Qte™, and we have so much more in store for you for 2007. We’ve come up with a lot of ideas, and I’d also like to ask you what you’d like to see on this site this year.

After all, without yous, this site would only entertain me, (And Theo) and I might not update it as often if it had an audience of one.

Which brings me to my question. What would you like to see more of on C.O.? I have some ideas to propose to yous. Here goes. How about:

1. Virtual Pets!
2. Seasonal changes to the background image!
3. More polls and/or voting
4. More T-Shirts! (duh)
5. More ways for the community to interact—like avatars, rich text for comments, attachments even?
6. More CuteCasts, CuteTracker and CuteCaps
8. Less of anything?!
9. A DATING SERVICE! (kiddingk.)
10. Pagination for easy flipping thru pages… (Don’t get me started on this one)
11. Celebrity pet stories

What do YOU think? Write back!


P.S. Thanks for the kitteh straaaaayche, Alana and Pat W. ;)

Barooo?! A new look for C.O.?

Flying hamsters in pants, a new logo, to celebrate we’re a year older. Oh, and everything you always liked about C.O. is still here, just a a more flexible layout. What do you think?


XO to Bree the Kitteh (who was watching the redesign load) and special thanks to Nick the developer for working on this the past couple of months, and as always, thanks to C.O. 1.0 original designer Lilia.

I want my Cute Overload

[Pouting teenager voice] DAMMIT ALL TO HELL today made me so mad. My ISP has GOT TO GO. I won’t name names, but the bandwidth on the FRAMESET to this site was OVERLOADED all day today, even when I bot 50 more gigs this AM, and it’s like the fifth time it’s happened, and I am beyond annoyed, and there are too many details to get into and I AM ON FIRE! I am gonna move all my domains to a new ISP so this never happens again! OMGBBQ!1

Sorry about your fix today, Folks. I’m glad you’re back.


Meee-alllgh Hamish G.?


W00t! Great idea, E to the C…


It’s the real Real World!

Hey creator Jill Beale! WHEN IS EPISODE 1? WE CAN’T WAIT!

This ferret is sad due to lack of posts

[Looks up tenatively]

Why so few posts in the last 2 days?



Sorry guys… you know how it is with work and shizzle… Thanks for the Ferrle, Beth M.

Submissions back open!

Think you have a cute photo, Punk? [Clint Eastwood voice] If you think it fits our seriously stringent requirements, send it to us. We just might post it! But if we don’t, it’s really for the best [patting your back.]

Handy tips:
• Don’t forget to attach the photo [Almost half of sender-inners forget]
• No, I won’t tell you what the ‘seriously stringent requirements’ are, Punk!
• Don’t bother to send in your baby, no one wants to see him/her as cute as he/she is
• Also consider submitting your photo to CuteTracker for the People to vote on!
Put a "stamp" on it when you "mail" your "letter"! (J.K.)


Thanks, Frank!



The Washington Post, Web Watch Dept.

Dear Mr. Frank Ahrens,
A thousand thanks for your glowing review of Cute Overload in today’s Washington Post. What a nice surprise. Since your favorite part of the site is the Hedgehog category, I post thees Hedgehog in your honor. And he’s not just any Hedger—it’s Numo, perhaps the most famous moist nosicle on the InterWebs.


Sincerely Yours,


Submission lines are open

Full_mailbox_1_1Hi Peeps, once again, the GMail box filled and has since been cleared. It’s ready to accept your submissions again. Sorry for the bouncebacks, and thanks for letting me know in your comments and emails!

Late posts today

Hey Peeps! I’ve been partyin’ it up in NYC, USA at the Webby Awards and it’s been a HOOT. I’ll be sure and post pics ASAP. Meanwhile, today and tomorrow’s posts are going to be short and sweet, People!
It doesn’t mean I love you any less.


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