THIS JUST IN: Giant Norbert Head Spotted On FB!

11751765_892274457528665_1336683811634509264_n“Sorry if my huge melon takes up your whole news feed,” C.O. Hall of Famer Norbert says on his FB page. No prob, Norb. Keep on keepin’ on.

THIS JUST IN: More Puffins? Sure Thing!

Earlier, we presented Mr. Puffin in all his Puffin Glory! Now, we’re going LIVE! Check out this Live Puffin Cam, thanks to Keena F. (Best viewing hours, 7am – 8pm ET (until they add an infrared light source and then 24/7.) This Osprey nest is perched atop a 30 foot tower located at the Audubon Camp in Maine on Hog Island.

THIS JUST IN: Norbert Trying To Break The Internet

11202645_890599884362789_2671483995447966_nHe just might be able to pull it off with THIS photo, too. Norbert: now a member of the Cute Overload Hall Of Fame! From Norb’s FB.


A little insight into the C.O. Editorial Process. This email from Laura W. comes in AND IT GOES UP AS FAST AS OUR LITTLE FINGERS CAN TYPE.

(Boulder County Colorado Sheriff’s Office Deputy Sophie Berman was out and about when a Northern Saw Whet Owl decided it was time for a face to face. Or, um, a face to beak.)

“Hi C.O.! I emailed you a link from the Boulder Daily Camera, and there was no spot to add a message. Nederland, CO is in the mountains SW of Boulder. (And the home of the annual Frozen Dead Guy Days.) How cute is this guy? How come I can’t happenstance upon something like this, ever?” -Laura W.

THIS JUST IN: NEW Maru! “Does This Bag Make My Face Look Fat?”

[*Note: This week’s edition of TGIF has been pre-empted by The Circle. -Ed.]

We’ve seen Maru tackle plenty of tight fits in boxes before- but now Girth Boy has a new challenge. (BONUS- we see a….Mugumogu shadow???)

THIS JUST IN: The Simon’s Cat Kitten Chaos Collection

Almost FOURTEEN MINUTES of Cartoon Kitteh Chaos. Get your lunch out of the break room fridge, sit on down, and let this one roll!


Did you like the Bunnehs Of The Sea earlier this morning? Great. ‘CAUSE NOW YOU CAN BUY ‘EM AS SLIPPERS!!! (We do not make this stuff up.) Now, this link is for a Korean online store, so I don’t have any specifics, and my doggone Chrome Browser refuses to translate. Maybe someone can help?



Thanks to Sandy B.

THIS JUST IN! The Running Of The Pugs

Sorta like that really dangerous Running Of The Bulls in Spain. But with a LOT more QTE.

From Mashable.

THIS JUST IN: UK Duckling ResQte Of The Week!

Maintenance worker Gary Bartoszewski was going about his day when what did he see but BIG TROUBLE! Some bebeh ducksters had taken a dive down a sewer grate in Doncaster, South Yorkshire UK. (This happens far too often! Don’t they read the signs? Whoops, one more.)

Naturally, Gary sprang into action, and was able to haul the little guys up and out, to be reunited with Mom!


THIS JUST IN: We Have A Winner In The World’s Ugliest Cutest Dog Contest!

CIekBBLUcAElP5EThe World’s Ugliest Cutest Dog Contest was held earlier tonight at Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds, in Petaluma.

The winner tonight: QUASI MODO.

Here’s a gallery of shots from the judging.

QM will be getting a full makeover c/o Jimmy Kimmel on ABC.


Feature photo by @WifeofaDairyman. Photo 1 and bottom video from Crista Jeremiason of the Press Democrat. Photo 2 and 3 by @Yovanna_Argus of the Petaluma Argus-Courier! Here’s a gallery from past years.


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