THIS JUST IN: Simon’s Real Cats

We all know Simon’s Cat. But what about Simon’s real kittehs? Check eet out!


THIS JUST IN: He Sqweeks When You Tweak His Butt!

This is just hard to believe. (The Big J #FTW.) SPEAKERS UP!

From Leah C.: “Who wouldn’t be charmed by a caterpillar that squeaks when you goose its tiny hiney?”

THIS JUST IN: Brazilian Fisherman Save Bebeh Dolphin! #WIN

Check it out. It seems some Brazilian Fishermen Dudes spotted a small dolphin who had become tangled in a plastic bag. They hauled him on board, freed him, and tossed him back- getting a Thank You in the process!

From Rachel G.

THIS JUST IN: Our Cute OverLord Has Arrived (+ Stuck In Bangkok)

“This is my soon to be sister in law (vet tech and huge animal luver) demonstrating proper scruffing. I’m still not convinced, it turned my little Boris (brother to Karloff :)) into a loaded weapon. Laser Cat!”

“Love Cute Overload, I’m trapped in Thailand after my passport was stolen and I’ve been sitting in my hotel scrolling your site to cheer me up!” -Eric P. from Bangkok (but normally Chicago.)”

[Eric, click here. -Ed]


“Yeah, can’t leave without a passport. It was pickpocketed from my bag in a very congested shopping area. But I get to go back to the embassy today and hopefully they’ll have my temporary replacement passport so I can get home. 🙂 Sent from my iPad.”

THIS JUST IN: Sleeping Bebeh Pandas!!

Dateline, Atlanta Zoo! Mei Lun just wants to sleep. Mei Huan wants to play NOW.

THIS JUST IN: McGoatersons On A #Caturday Why Not.

This bebeh goat is named PICKLES. And that, my friends, is all you need to know.


From Tumblr.

THIS JUST IN: Finland Owl Rescue ACTION!

This just in from Cuteporters of the North, O & J at our northernmost Cute Outpost Bunker in Helsinki. (Scurries to Google Maps.)

Here’s a link to a Finnish news story about a northern hawk-owl (Hiiripöllö) that was found swimming in Lake Tuusula. (Another link here.)

“It had apparently fallen in by accident, but luckily a man in a kayak happened by and picked it up!”

“The poor bird tried to make its way inside the man’s life jacket for some warmth. It was then taken to shore at a nearby museum, and a museum guide took it home to dry overnight. The next morning all was well and the owl was released back into the wild!”

“PS- More bunlets, please.” Also from Liisa Å. and Tiina M. Photos and big-time resqte ACTION by Pentti Taskinen.

This Just In: Super Strength Cute

The Olinguito! With the cute power of a dozen little puppies!

The Olinguito was discovered in August of this year; a new mammal species, and the first new carnivore discovered in over 30 years, lives in the cloud forests of the western Andes of Colombia.
“Breaking news about the Olinguito: the babies are just as adorable as you’d expect. Paws up, beady eyes, a boopable nose, and ears almost at 9 and 3. Just too cute.” -Angela W. via Saving Species.

THIS JUST IN: Teddy Bear Power-Noms Punkin!

Teddy Bear is back! Exhibiting his trademark Laser-Like Focus™, he noms a little punkin to death. And enjoys it.

And here’s last year’s Nom-Fest, so you can Contrast & Compare:

THIS JUST IN! New Maru And Hana

These two really enjoy each other’s company. Can you tell??