I Need These Right Now 2

We do stories from time to time on Gashapon, or Gachapon– the little capsule toys from The Big J. Spotted this Grumpy Little Fellow on Guremike.jp…striking resemblance to Thing One.




Grumpy Cat (No, Not THAT Grumpy Cat)

Thing Two has taken a chapter from one of Tardar Sauce’s books with THIS look. From Guremike.jp.

A Music Lover’s Dream

If you want THE best in state-of-the-art sound, then look no further than the THING/2 NS-1000 speakers from Yamaha. Dazzling HiFi Sound, with 50% less hairballs than the other leading brands.


Caturday In Japan: The View From Above

Thing One and Two are the obvious masters of their domain. Guremike is just their can opener.



Thing Two Is NOT A Snow Fan

[WHAT? MORE Snow? This is outrageous!]

Thing One, meanwhile, is a little more mellow about the whole thing.


Caturday Night With Thing One & Two

Let’s see what Thing One and Two are up to. (Yes, yes, it’s already Bunday in Japan. Pesky details.) Just as we thought- relaxing by the iMac box. Ah, the good life. Also spotted on the Guremike site: cool little Bear Cars!!!





Thing Two: Caturday Night In The Big J

Not much to do on a Caturday Night when you’ve got the Collar Of Shame on- if that’s what that is. So just hunker down in front of the iMac and call it a night!



Guremike’s website also has this photo. I don’t have a clue what they are, but they’re Cute.


More Happy Mew Year From The Big J

Shiro and the guys make their encore New Year’s Day appearance, continuing the New Year’s Rice Cake tradition in Japan that we saw earlier with Maru. As you can see, it’s quite exciting for them.

Thing One and Two would also like to welcome in the New Year in their excitable style.


Christmas Family Portrait

Thing One (R) and Thing Two (L) wish you a Merry Christmas! (From Guremike.)


Thing Two is just not all there yet on Caturday morning- maybe the coffee will help. And no, we have no idea what the donut thing is for. It IS The Big J, after all.