Hiiii glow worm, how’s it going? And going and going?

Jellooo, (g’loop g’loop g’loop) I am Pyrostremma Spinosum. (sploooooosh) But mah friends call me Sea Squirt. (burble burble blub blub) I’m full of zooids, ’cause I’m a freakazoid.

Fave Frame:

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 2.58.25 PM
Daily Mail, where divers are quoted as saying, “…they’re also delicate and fluffy. Like a feather boa.”


Scratch scratch scratch, Surprise!

This one goes out to all the siblings out there that torture each other. This video is right up there with “Why are you hitting yourself!?” Without further ado…

Jorden C. why do I get the feeling you were a torturous big Brother?