Sorry, Bud…Nothing Personal

[A horse has gotta do what a horse has gotta do.]


Winter has arrived in Southern Hungary,” says Boglárka V. MTI Fotó: Sóki T.


Wallpaper Of The Month: January 2016

Would someone like to volunteer to take this little friend inside and get him/her all warm in front of the fire, with a nice thick blanket?

JAN 16
More C.O. Wallpapers can be found here. Original image from Sabrina’s Pugtails.

Gotta Do Everything MYSELF

[Guess no one else is gonna shovel the driveway, so it’s up to me! But this is giving me a killer brain freeze. Man, it’s only January 1st, too.]

(Tastefully Offensive.)

I KNOW I Left My Seed Here SOMEwhere

[Wasn’t it just fall? I left some PECK? seed here. Right over PECK? there. And some PECK? corn. I’d SWEAR it was riiiiight about here….good PECK? grief and everything.]

~ ~ ~

“This is a picture of our rooster, Julie. He was hoped to be a she and hatched out back in August. Julie first experienced snow today and was not very impressed!” -Sarah L.

“♬ Dashing Thru The Snow, With A GoPro™ On Your Back ♫…”

We’ve still got some Christmas celebration photos and videos we received on and after the 25th, so we’ll be showing some of those through the end of the year or so. Here, Annie decides to try out her new GoPro™ camera at the park, and drags her hoomins along for the ride.

“Hope you had a very Merry Christmas! My dog, Annie, received a very special Christmas gift this year – a GoPro™ harness! She promptly dragged us directly to the park for some romping and Doggeh ‘Tock Sniffin’ and wanted us to share with you!” -Courtney B.

“Hey Honey? You Gonna Shovel The Sidewalk?”

“Nah- the game is on. Laika said she’d do it for a couple of dog bones. That’s a good deal where I come from.”

(Tastefully Offensive.)

The Forecast For Tonight Calls For Snow, And..

…a 100% chance of fun.

Time To Get Out The Shovel

Snow is pretty to look at, but a pain in the a** back to shovel. These guys don’t care about ANY of that.

The White Death Is Upon Us

Despite the fact that winter is not for another month (!)- it’s a fact that The White Death is here. And these doggehs don’t seem to mind one bit. Now where did I leave my mittens…


Cats just wanna have fu-un too. Wouldn’t count on seeing this too many times, though.

Maybe A Bit Of Simon’s Cat Here?

Kinda has that vibe, no? The snow sculpture and photos are from Emily W., who says “It snowed in Michigan this weekend and we made the best out of it by creating a SNOW CAT! Just wanted to share. 🙂 It was a PURRRfect project! (tongue is a leaf – combining fall and winter!)”