The Summer O’ Goats: Henry & Carlos!

The Summer Of Goats rolls on with these two maniacs doing what goats do best! (Bounce up and down, act silly, turn into GIFs.)

“I have some adorable photos of my goats I wanted to share. This is Henry and Carlos doing what they do best, namely playing. (With out-of-control bellehs.) They are ’bout five months old and I took both pictures.Thanks for your consideration!” -Cyndy R.


Gettin’ Sassy In The Summer Of Goats

Sorta reminds you of this little feller, don’t it?


The Summer Of Goats Rolls ON!

“Hi guys! LOVE C.O.!!! It’s my first stop EVERY MORNING! My childhood friend has an ever-growing farm, and shot her bebeh goatsters this weekend. [With a CAMERA, folks. With a CAMERA. -Ed.] Lily is on the left and Coco Loco is on the right! Coco wants to know: ‘Whatchoo doin’?” Submitted by Carrie H., Fredericksburg, VA. Shot by Fawn H., Stafford, VA.

Hey There, Kids!

You have our permission to give your computer monitor a great big hug.

Goatster image from I Can Has Cheezburger.

The “Summer Of Goats” Continues!

Here’s the latest entry in the 2014 “Summer Of Goats,” and this one in fact dates back to 2012. Whatever. “Buttermilk” plays the game “Hit N Run Goat” twice! Little Black Goatster gets plastered once, then BM comes back later to finish the job!

Laughing Squeeeeed.

2014: The Summer Of Goats

Our friends at Farm Sanctuary, and Kelly F. at have declared this to be The Summer Of Goats. Prince Harry seems to agree, so who are we to argue? With that in mind…










[And remember these from last month? -Ed.]

And of course, we can’t forget our late little pal, Frostie.


And we’ll leave you from this gem, also seen on Jezebel.

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