The Fast ‘n’ The Furry-ous 12, Comin’ AT Ya

OK, so maybe he doesn’t exactly have fur. More like…armor plating. But he is definitely on the move, showing some impressive ground clearance. (And imaginary little puffs o’ smoke from the rear hoofsters.) And how about those Ear Funnels? GAAAA. (From ZooBorns.)

OH AND BTW: RoC #7 and #1.



How To Properly Deploy The Privacy Tail (+ RULES!)

“This is my fabulous Rosemary and her even more fabulous belleh in her favorite relaxation position. Please note the exemplary deployment of the Privacy Tail. She is a lady, after all. Hope you find her Cute-Overload-worthy. Just look at that belleh – she’s so juicy!” -Cheryl S.


#02: Looking helpless is cute.

#13:Juicy” eyes & noses are cute.

#22: Curled-up or tucked paw is cute.

#39: Nuzzable mini-chests are cute.

#41: Exposing a vulnerable area is cute.

National Alpaca Week? Who Knew?

Uh, Sharon B-C did.

“Here in Oz ( Australia ) we love Alpacas so much we don’t just have a National Alpaca Daywe have an entire week! And why not? Have you seen those Googley Eyes and Juicy Schnozzles? They even have open farm days so that you can pet an Alpaca. 🙂 Thanks for all the smiles, keep the cute coming!”

Multiple Rules Of Cuteness ALERT!

Let’s tick ’em off, OK?

#01: Putting a paw up is cute. (Two of these!)

#03: An inquisitive look is cute.

#07: A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute.

#95: Throwing off a little Side-Eye is cute.

(Pinterest. You KNOW we’ve missed some If we’ve missed any, add ’em in the Comments.)


I was zooming through TweetDeck and came across this fantastic Dumbo Octopus (Opisthoteuthis Agassiz) on The Featured Creature’s Twitter. Are those…FEET hanging down there?


What. In. The. World.

Without a doubt, this little maniac deserves his/her own Rule. We’ve had them on C.O. for EIGHT years! And so, from this moment on, so it shall be. Sealing wax, if you please!!

ResQte Of The Week: Koza From Poland

“Meet Koza (Polish for ‘Goat‘), my parents’ two-year old kitty. She’s a rescue, found as a tiny feral kitten during a particularly severe winter. She had suffered serious frostbite to her tail (which had to be partially amputated), as well as part of her ear. Thankfully, she made a quick recovery and is now an adventurous kitty with quite a personality. She is the princess among all the household pets, including Pyza, Dzika, Rivka and Obama (cats) as well as Belfast, Toxy and Sonia (dogs). Koza would love to be featured on CO and has been practicing her Rule #40 skillz. She sends her regards from Warsaw, Poland!” -Zofia B.

Friday (Guest) Haiku: Leo The Little Lion

How can one resist
A soft spot in spring sunshine?
Certainly not I.

“Thank you for all the smiles you spread with your site!” -Photo of Leo and text by Anne from Reston, VA.

“Wet Nose Wednesday”

That was the title of the email Carol sent to us- now, we’ve already got “Wombat Wednesday” booked- but maybe we can toss in a Wet Nose on Wednesdays- if someone sends us one, of course. After all—remember Rule of Cuteness #13: “Juicy” Eyes And Noses Are Cute. This is Belle, BTW.

We think.


Don’t Hate Me Cuz I’m Adorabuhl

“Hello Cute Overload! This is Cassiopeia Constellation (Cassie aka Cassipillar/Cass Cass) with a mixed example of Rules 95 and 98. She seems to be saying, “I know I’m adorabuhls, but I need my sleepies, ok?” -Liz L.


“Meet Tod! Tod is my recently-adopted 7-year-old fox (okay, he’s a Pomeranian mix). He’s deaf and was an unclaimed stray found wandering the streets. His rough start doesn’t stop him from loving to sleep on the couch and have his belly rubbed!” -Darcy F.