Rule Of Cuteness #48 On Display

Red Panda Licking it's NoseTiny Tongues are Cute. But then we also have #99: Peeping Tongues Are Cute, too. Aren’t they pretty much the same thing? This Red Panda photo is from Flickr user Mark Dumont.

Millie The Pygmy Goatster (Invoking ROC #45)

After you clean up your desk or wherever from The Mandatory Head ‘Splosion, don’t forget to consult Rule Of Cuteness #45: Any animal with the word “pygmy” in it is cute.

People, meet Meet Millie (aka Stampy.)

From Kimberly K.

Classic Side-Eye OMG Ponies!!1! BFF Action!

IMG_20150118_142919481_HDREarlier today, we saw BFFs Morris and Champy hanging out. Now we get a sequel of sorts! “This is Moo Pony and his new cat friend,” from Submitter Kerry D.

Hola, Holly!

IMG_2670This little pupster is named “Holly.” Let’s check ‘er out from a few different angles, shall we? The second photo below is for scale. As you can see, Holly is quite the teeny lass.

And in this next one, Holly is so Fuzzular (new word) that she kinda resembles a…gold carpet sample.

And finally, we’re getting some Wicked Prosh Side-Eye (RoC #95) in this next one.

Stacey K. reports, “These photos were taken by Holly’s adoring owner, Katie S.”

Christmas Kitteh Baroo!

TajYou almost never see a Kitteh do a Baroo, because….they’re Kittehs, and they do what they want. This concept continues through adulthood, as well all know. We DO have one here, though- c/o First-Time Submitter Mēgan O. “Hullo! Never submitted before, but LOVE the site. Taj, my 6 month old boy, stands stock-still under the Christmas Tree, almost in a trance sometimes. A friend of mine snapped this and said he looks like the E.T. of kittehs.”

Cody’s Christmas Side-Eye Action!

DSCN0737-cody-christmas“I’ve been a huge fan of Cute Overload since the day I emailed Cody’s puppy pictures to a friend who replied that Cody was as cute as anybody on C.O., and I should visit the site immediately, and submit a photo someday….which took me a while, but here it is. Just in case you don’t have enough photos in the category “pups humoring humans for a Christmas card shot,” here’s one of our girl Cody doing an awfully good job of it. She is a 3-year old lab mix. We’d love to see her on Cute Overload!” -Nora & Glenn.

All Of “Fo Weeks Ode,” Too

FullSizeRenderSome Rules Of Cuteness just jump right out at ya. Ahem, if you will- presenting RoC 97: “Head To Body Ratio: If your head is exponentially larger than the rest of your entire body, that’s Cute.”

“This is Chloe. She just turned “fo weeks ode”. She has decided that this is an appropriate time to share her astonishing Cuteness with the world. So here, dear Cute Overload, is Miss Chloe. Sent in by her smitten human, Donna.”

Go On, Let It Snow!

TgUpSyX[How ’bout we just stay inside and snorgle on the couch? The fire’s going, there’s the blanket, got a big bowl of treats, what are we waiting for? Grab the remote, The Grinch is on.]

(PS- Rule Of Cuteness #25: Dangling paws are Cute.) (Reddit.)

Ready To Take Over The World

tumblr_ng84ppnRX71qh66wqo7_1280Just a matter of time. From Cats, Beavers & Ducks.

PS- RoC #97: Head To Body Ratio: “If your head is exponentially larger than the rest of your entire body, that’s Cute.”

PPS: This is Eeyore, and you can see his FB site if you click ovah heah.

Bouncing -N- Bounding UK Bebeh Pygmy Goatster!

This little fellow is named Benjamin. He is a rather happy-go-lucky sort, wouldn’t you agree? (Oh and BTW: any animal with the word “pygmy” in it is cute.)

Thanks to Kristin.


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