The Peeps Have Spoken: Announcing Rule Of Cuteness #58!

Gigi The Cat Lady: “I vote YES! ‘One Flap Up’ should be a new Rule Of Cuteness!!”

G Mac: “‘One Flap Up’ isn’t ALREADY a Rule?!?!! It definitely should be because it’s TOTALLY Qte!”

debg: “Love this sweet goggie. And I second (third?) the requests for a new ROC– ‘One Flap Up’ is pure win.”

Shelley: “I can’t believe ‘One Flap Up’ is not a ROC!?! This must be fixed…”

Smartypants: “Another vote for ‘One Flap Up’ – definitely cute!”

Faye: ‘One Flap Up’ = good ROC.”

Kristin: “I vote YES to the ‘One Flap Up’ Rule — simply one of the cutest things ever!”

Rachael: “One Flap Up’ simply MUST be a ROC! The world demands it!”

Clare: ‘One Flap Up’ HAS TO BE A RULE.!! And not just because my own rescue pup has independent, individuated, graduated single-flap control!! PUHLEEZE make it a Rule.”

(This post was inspired by THIS post. The sheer desperation of Clare AND THE ALL CAPS is what shoved this one through, BTW.) Anyway. To welcome in Rule # 58, (“If You’re Flyin’ With One Flap Up, That’s Cute” aka “The Paisley Rule,”) we have this email just in from Holly H. “If ‘One Flap Up’ is going to be a thang, let me introduce Luigi. He came to visit us on while we were shooting ‘Home Free in Atlanta‘ and we kept him cool in the makeup trailer. His ear fringe is delightful! He was a master of ‘One Flap Up’ and looking a bit guilty!



Meet Buttonz: The Shichon Craze Continues

This is the fourth set of Shichon photos we’ve received in the last week, and second for today! I must confess I’d never seen nor heard of a Shichon before. But now that I have, I desperately want one. Like Buttonz right here.

photo 2

“This is Buttonz, my Shichon puppy. Pix were taken by mom, Felicia M.”

photo 5

photo 4

photo 3

photo 1

Rump Day (Stumpers Edition)

Yep, middle of the week- the workday is over. So let’s celebrate Rump Day with a Side Order of Side-Eye (to go!)


Rule #57, Absolutely!

“This is Cooky- however, this particular cookie is very, very sweet and non-fattening, provided you don’t spend all your time sitting on the couch cuddling her! Submitted by her mom, me–Evie.”

Paint Me Like One Of Your French Girls Ferrets #2

We told you Part 2 was coming…after all, it’s Ferret Friday!

Aga G. says, “Clearly displaying a Rule of Cutenesstip of tongue. Hopefully, the contorted pose also helps (no, she is not broken, that’s how she sleeps.) Her name is Miss Noodle and pics were taken by me, her hoomin.”


Pardon Us For A Little Rules Housekeeping

[*Note: The Rules of Cuteness have been updated. Note they are now actually in order, from 1 to the current 57. No more numbers in the high-90s stuff, which we blame on an overzealous intern. Or someone. Your weekly Friday 5pm PT TGIF is coming up next. -Ed.]

Ferret Friday (Plus Bonus Rule Of Cuteness!)

If you look closely….ah, yes! There it is! Rule of Cuteness #48 Tiny Tongues are Cute! (It’s kinda a #99, too- right?)


Just About As Prosh As They Come

• The Paws.
The Side-Eye.
• The Ears.
• The Pink Panting Tongue. (Tiny Tongues Are Cute.)
Head-to-Body Ratio.
The Blue Sweateuh.

Little Corgi Blue - Imgur

Announcing..Rule Of Cuteness #57!

In light of the comments to our This Guy Is Toast post yesterday, we have adopted a new Rule!

“Definitely should be a Rule.”1knitchick.

“YES! YES! YES! I love all food names! Pork Chop! Waffles! Pancake! Taco! Nacho! Steakums! Riblet! Ham Hock!”Julie.

“Yes, PLEASE make that a new Rule!!! Because food names are Qte!” -G Mac.

“That is an excellent new Rule!” -Rhonda B.

“I’d go for a new Rule! My ex-s mom had an adorable cat named Muffin.” -Simulflow.

“That IS a good Rule! Just look at Chris P. Bacon.”Doomchild.

“My three pugs have food names: Won Ton, Mu Shu, and Kung Pao. LOVE food names for pets!” -Juli.

“Good Rule!” -Faye.

UPDATE 11:57am PT:

“Here are my three examples of Rule #57—“If you’re named after food, it’s cute.” Left to right, my fur kids are Won Ton (9 yrs old), Mu Shu (8 yrs old), and Kung Pao (5 yrs old.) -Juli K. (Their #1 fan and provide of treats, walks, and belly rubs.)

“WHOA! I just saw your new rule this morning and I would like to submit our new ResQte dog…….Cheetos!!” -Jennifer G.


UPDATE 12:56pm PT 7/11:

“Hi! Here’s another picture of Miss Biscuit. I hope it works! Thanks again for the site. I was most pleased to see the new rule with Toast’s picture!” -S.Turner.


This Guy Is TOAST

‘Cause, er, that’s his name! “I ran into this little guy at a nail salon, where his owner works. He charms the customers (me) by getting them (me) to chase him around the salon. He also confirms my hypothesis that all pets are cuter if they have food names.” -Rebekah Y.

[*Note: Hmmmmm. Could this be a new Rule? “If you’re named after food, that’s cute.”