People, We Need A Rule!

59And we want you to write it! Here’s the scoop. This post is from earlier today, and in it, Marianne H. mentions “There are some Rules in there..Toe Beans, Toe Floof, Paws Up, Side Eyes.. And General Major Fluffiness.”

The problem? There IS no Rule for Toe Floof! (Or Ear Floof, Whisker Floor, all the Floofs. I mean, I looked! Twice!)

So we want YOU to Write The Rule! It has to be short and to the point and in the general Rule format. It’s gonna be #59, and will have YOUR name on it, too. So get to work! We’ll unveil the New (Your Name Here) Rule at 1pm PT today, and you’ll get your own personalized Rule Certificate, just like the one at left!


I Mean- Could You LOOK More Guilty?

Let us introduce you to Benjamin Button. Judging by the look on his face, he’ll be spending ‘Tocktober in the sTOCKade to pay for his misdeeds. Somewhere, a roll of toilet paper cries out for justice. “In honor of ‘Tocktober, I rounded up some of my favorite pictures of my Wheaten, Benjamin Button, or Benji for short. I’ve been a fan for a long time but this is my first submission. Thanks for always brightening up my day! Sincerely, Jackie S.”


#32: If you’re caught doing something bad, it’s cute.

#54: Throwing off a little Side-Eye is cute.

Why, It’s Baron Von Fluffypants!

BvFP has really nailed the C.O. Concept, hasn’t he? Above, we get some classic Side-Eye…and below, well, he’s early for ‘Tocktober but we’ll take ’em anyway! (And of course- Batman Head.) “Hi C.O.! I love your site and I added a new Corgi Puppeh to my family – Baron Von Fluffypants. I’ve added a few pictures for you. I hope you like them!” -Lauren G.

Baron 2

Baron 8

You’re Caught Being Bad- What Do U Do?

Take out the witness, that’s what you do.

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And Let’s Call It A Night, Shall We?

This kitteh certainly has the right idea. “This is my wonderful and funny kitteh, Fen, aka Fenway.* Tongue sticking out is an ROC, I believe.” Amy T. says. (Say like Adam West/Batman: “How Right you are!)

[*Note: Red Sox fan, perhaps? -Ed.]

I’d Go For The Mea Culpa At This Point, Fellas

A couple of days back, we showed you Sebastian, a primo candidate for “Rule of Cuteness #32: If you’re caught doing something bad, it’s cute.”

At this point, we should point out that this Rule is NOT, repeat NOT, limited to kittehs…nope. Doggehs get in trubble, too.


Now THERE Is Some Side-Eye Action

As far as I am concerned, this puppeh can have WHATever it wants, WHENever it wants. Bacon? You want bacon? Coming RIGHT up. (Imgur/Reddit.)

Toesday: ‘Tocktober Is Getting Closer!

Just over two weeks to go, as a matter of fact! Got some Prosh ‘Tocks you’d like to see on C.O.? You know what to do!

“What’s Cuter Than Three Bebeh Buns?”

That was the subject line of the email Sharon B-C (Western Australia) sent to us. And the answer is easy- not much! (Can’t flat say nothing else is cuter; Quokkas, ya know.)

“Maybe a Bebeh Bun displaying Rule #58? These photos were taken of some adorable baby bunnies at the Blue Hills Farmstay in Harvey, Western Australia. My son just LOVED them (understandably!) For your consideration for Bunday. Keep the cute coming!”

Ever Heard Of Rule Of Cuteness #32?

Ahem: “Rule of Cuteness #32: If you’re caught doing something bad, it’s cute.”

Now, we’re not necessarily suggesting that Sebastian here has done something bad…although he looks guilty as can be. Has to have something to do with the case he’s sitting on. (Maybe he stuffed The Dog in there?)

“Our naughty but extremely good looking ragdoll! Always sitting on Daddy’s lunch box. Sebastian the cutest muffin!” -Scott S.