Ultimate Rule Of Cuteness #7 Noted!

OK, let’s get MATCHINGKS out of the way right up front- this photo begs for it. Now then, more importantly- RULE OF CUTENESS #7: “A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute.”

“Here’s just one of a series of staggeringly cute pix of a mama and bebeh capybara, newly posted on www.zooborns.com,” says Elizabeth W. “Legal disclaimer: These are not my pix. Or, sadly, my Capybaras. But I think they exemplify the Rule of Cute about having a Mini-Me.” Pix also discovered by Smedley.


A Day In The Life Of Viva’s Nose

As you can tell by this sequence of photos c/o Brooke M., V. has it pretty good.




Prince William Griffon, King of Petflix & Chill

PWG’s rocking a Primo Example of one of our newer Rules: “If you’re flyin’ with one flap up, that’s cute.” “He’s not mine, but my heart is about to burst through my chest wall at the cute. My God LOOK AT THAT FACE.” -Lori B.


I Can Do That Too, Ma!

Watch this Prosh Bebeh Rhino decided whatever Ma can do, HE can do, too. Over and over and over. And ya know what the bebeh is named? Can you take it?

BABY TANKDOG. #Bestnameever

Baby Tankdog learns how to roll from momma Tankdog - Imgur

Caturday Snoozin’ With The Big O

[Look, I got home at like 3am- an all-night poker party. Yes, cats play poker. STRIP poker, if you wanna know. Came out a few bucks to the good. But man, I am beat. Wake me around lunchtime, OK?]

“This is my sixteen pound rescue, Ollie. Very substantial kitty, but a whole lot of floof too! I could think of about 1000 things worse to wake up to.” -Laura from Denver.

*Note #1: Rule of Cuteness #40: Sleeping in a sunbeam is cute.”

*Note #2: C.O.’s coverage of The 25th Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade is coming up NEXT.

#Tocktober ResQte Of The Week: Toby Sinatra!

Easy candidate for Best Name Ever. “This is Toby Sinatra, showing us his ‘Tocks while cooling off at an adoption fair*. He’s staying with Family Dog Rescue in San Francisco while he waits for his forever home.” -Victoria R.

*Rule Of Cuteness #47: Splayed Haunch Action is Cute. : Rule of Cuteness #20: Showing your paw pads is cute.

Caturday: Pancakes For Breakfast, Please

Some OJ, maybe a side order of hash browns, and- oh yes. I’d like PANCAKES. Hold the syrup and butter, though! “His name is Pancakes, he’s a lovable Pooh Bear of a kitty.” -Laura D.

[*Note: Can’t forget Rule Of Cuteness #41: Exposing a vulnerable area is cute. -Ed.]

Otterly Prosh In The Big Apple

Lookin’ for something to do today in the NYC area? We suggest….Otters. Otters. Otters. Otters. Did I mention Otters? Specifically, they’ve got young Asian small-clawed otter action in JungleWorld at WCS’s Bronx Zoo. Open today ’til 5:30pm ET.

Julie Larsen Maher _3517_Asian Small-clawed Otters and Pup_JUN_BZ_09 04 ...

Julie Larsen Maher _3630_Asian Small-clawed Otters and Pup_JUN_BZ_09 04 ...

~ Le Creditos ~

Photos: Julie Larsen Maher © WCS.
Video: © WCS.

If There’s A BETTER Halloween Kitteh Photo…

…we’d LOVE to see it. Meanwhile, Pam W. says “I took this photo of my cat, “Kismet”, who, pretty much, epitomizes the new “Floof” Rule!” (Here’s a link to download Super-Size™ Kizzy if you like.)

New RULE Now In Effect!!

Earlier this morning we asked for your help in creating a new RULE regarding Toe Floof! And here we are! “Rule of Cuteness #59: Non-Conforming Explosions Of Floof Are Cute!” (AKA The Tina J. Rule.)

It was the word “Explosion” that pushed this one over the top, BTW. Congrats, Tina!