The Infinite Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn

You know what they say: yawning is contagious — and it looks like the newest mutation of the Infinite Cuteness Project just claimed another victim.

Miles the Welsh Terrier and Emma the sender-inner hop on the Sleepy Train!


Boston Cute-a-thon!

The Infinite Cuteness Project would like to remind Boston Marathon fans today, when it comes to endurance contests, ours wont make you all stinky, hot and sweaty.

Daphne’s got her running socks on, Claire & Lilly!

The Infinite Sleepiness Project?

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten any new pictures for the Infinite Cuteness Project. Don’t tell me everybody’s gotten tired of it already!

Evangeline C. says: “Hi there, this is my doggy Cosmo. She fell sleep while surfing the Cute Overload website. It was a long day at work.”

Infinite Cuteness Project Interloper

Oh someone had to go there.

What daring! What outrageousness! What arrogance! … We salute you.

Mojo says, “Ahem, leave this to the expert.”, Momo H.

Four’ll Get You Five

We’ve already reached level five in the Infinite Cuteness Project once, but here are some more level four pictures for you to play with. We begin with this shadowy figure from Jenny K.: “This is Quiz contributing to the infinite cuteness project.”

Next, from Bethany L.: “This is our rescued sheltie Maeby! I was actually going to take this pic when it was just one kitty and when I saw it had gotten to three levels I just had to get to the fourth!”

Longtime commenter Ceejoe brings the ICP its first guinea pig: “I’ve attached a couple pictures of my guinea pig Cupcake, gazing at the CO entry from Feb 2. She agrees that all the black-and-white anipals could be her long-lost relatives!”

And our final candidate, from Justine N., is “Lutin (pixie), and she’s a very bizarre cat. We can keep her on our knees or belly and she will stay as long as we want to. And she never, ever, eats anything else than her food in her bowl. She hates paint odor, a very convenient thing, as I’m a miniature painter.”

No End in Sight for Infinite Cuteness Project!

The purr-petuity continues! Presenting, a double-dose in the Infinite Cuteness Project!

The ICP is officially Overloaded! Or is it?

Thank you Chobi, Nummy Muffin Cocoa Butter and Lillian O.

Thank you Chobi, Nummy Muffin Cocoa Butter and Lillian O.
Thank you Chobi, Nummy Muffin Cocoa Butter and Lillian O.

The Infinitely Boring Cuteness Project

Our first polychromatic entry in the ICP seems less than thrilled with the honor: “Our infinitely cute lovebird Gubi was enjoying some laptop heat while I was browsing CO,” writes Claus G. “He wasn’t too pleased with all the cats, so he yawned a bit and eventually fell asleep.”

Choose Your Own Infinite Cuteness Project Adventure!

It had to happen: After throwing the Infinite Cuteness Project into high gear, we’ve come to a fork in the road.

So the choice is yours: Scarlett, from Mara & Francis…

… or this “cute little muffin” from Heike J.!

…or this final contestant from Annet K.?

The Infinite Cuteness Project

It started with a black-and-white bunny; then a tuxedo cat got in on the act. Now thanks to Piia S. from Finland, a new cat is in the picture, and we have the makings of an endless chain. Who wants to be next?

Another C.O. Good Deed Done!

Here’s one of those life-affirming moments that makes you happy to be alive, and it happened right here: A reader named Lermin K. tells us that her cat Cashmere, quite by accident, stumbled across a photo of her long-lost cousin here on Cute Overload. We’re told that the two already plan to meet for dinner later this week.