ResQte Of The Week 2: Great White North Edition

From Vanessa S. in the Great White North! “Hello to my favourite people at Cute Overload! I was hoping that you would post about my favourite place to spend time – Wishing Well Sanctuary. The sanctuary means so much to many of us in the Toronto area and is our ‘go to’ place for peace, love and harmony. Above, that’s Muzzle Tov being photo bombed by Chakra.”

“Not only are they a sanctuary, for animals and people, but they also offer a number of humane education programs to teach children about our planet and the importance of compassion and being kind to one another.”

“They have recently added a number of newcomers to their family, Kai and Bali the calves, Petunia the pig, and Meadow the lamb. I thought that everyone might like to meet them. Peace for all beings.”

“Oh and here’s their FB.”





PB Debut In The Great White North!

These images were taken in Manitoba, Canada from Andre and Anita Gilden, and capture a Bebeh Polar Bear exploring the outside world for the first time! (They were taken in 2014 but just now released.)



(Spotted by Smedley on Daily Mail.)

ATTENTION Toronto Peeps: Tibbs Needs A Home STAT

Let’s pick up the story from Lauren K.: “Meet Tybalt (a.k.a. Tibbs.) This beautiful, healthy 3 year old boy recently came into our lives through a friend who adopted him from a Toronto shelter. Unfortunately, due to severe asthma issues, she was unable to keep him. My husband and I took him because we could not bare to see him go back to a shelter. Now, after having him with us for a few weeks, I have developed allergy issues of my own (though my husband is fine.)”

photo 5
“It’s with a heavy heart that we have decided to actively look for a better permanent situation for Tibbs. He is such a loving, easygoing, playful cat….who has a weird and hilarious obsession with his towel. He deserves to be with people who can provide plenty of head scratches, treats and attention. Perhaps there are a few Toronto area C.O. fans out there looking for that purrfect addition to their family?”

photo 2 (3)
[*Note: Any Toronto Peeps interested in The Tibbster- send an email directly to Tibbs! Thanks! -Ed.]

ResQte Of The Week: Help Bring Kaly To Canada

“I thought I would send you a picture of puppy Kaly. I met her when she was 3 weeks old in India. I had to come back to Canada but I am raising money to try and save her,” writes Jade L.

“When I first met Kaly, she was sleeping at the bottom of a heap of 3 week old strays on the beach. She was much smaller than the other pups and very sick with an infection that left her blind in one eye.”

“I carried her to Animal Rescue nearby and they gave me antibiotics and eye drops which I gave her every day. Two days later her swollen eye had gone down to half the size, 4 days later she was standing on her wobbly legs and taking her first steps, and 6 days later she was healthy and playful. In this time I completely fell in love with her.”

“After some early research, I found out that puppies need to be 4 months old to fly and when I left Kaly she was only 6 weeks. I had to leave India but I am determined to bring Kaly to Canada so I can look after her.”

“Monsoon season is in May and it’s very hard on the dogs. Both animal rescue and a vet in Mumbai have agreed enthusiastically to help me bring Kaly home but I need your help!”

We’ve raised $1090 of our $4000 goal. It’s for a pet travel company I have hired to send her, and vet bills in India to give her vaccinations and care for her until she comes!”

“Thanks so much for taking the time to gaze into her tiny face.” [*Note: New FB page here. -Ed.]

I’m Too LITTLE For Easter!!!

Don’t worry- the bigger Buns will handle all the Easter Egg delivery tomorrow. You’ll be busy a year from now, OK?

“An orphaned baby Snowshoe Hare being fed by the good folks at Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary in Minden, Ontario Canada. They care for wild babies like this until they’re old enough to be released back into the wild to live out their happy Bun lives!” -KB.

C.O. Cat Café World Tour: Montréal (Update!)

Last fall, we checked out Café Chat L’Heureux as part of the C.O. Cat Café World Tour; here’s an update COMPLETE WITH KITTEH INTERVIEWS!

Spotted on the @Cat Cafe San Diego Twitter.

It’s Canada Day! Beauty!

“…and VOKRA rescue kitty Abbie McFlooferson has a couple of awesome photos we’d like to share. I’m hoping you can post these shots of my little Mountie.” -Sharon D.

Canada Day Abbie2
“This is a photo of my niece’s guinea pig Vanilla Bean Meringue (a.k.a. “Beanie”) showing her true north strong & free colours for Canada Day today.” Sent by Sandra T.

Beanie2 2014

Vancouver BC PD Needs Your Help!

(Well, actually, they need the help of elementary school kids in Vancouver. Which, ah, narrows down the audience of this post considerably. But it’s a Cute Video, so what the heck, eh?)

From Connie C.