C.O. Cat Café World Tour: Montréal (Update!)

Last fall, we checked out Café Chat L’Heureux as part of the C.O. Cat Café World Tour; here’s an update COMPLETE WITH KITTEH INTERVIEWS!

Spotted on the @Cat Cafe San Diego Twitter.

It’s Canada Day! Beauty!

unnamed“…and VOKRA rescue kitty Abbie McFlooferson has a couple of awesome photos we’d like to share. I’m hoping you can post these shots of my little Mountie.” -Sharon D.

Canada Day Abbie2
“This is a photo of my niece’s guinea pig Vanilla Bean Meringue (a.k.a. “Beanie”) showing her true north strong & free colours for Canada Day today.” Sent by Sandra T.

Beanie2 2014

Vancouver BC PD Needs Your Help!

(Well, actually, they need the help of elementary school kids in Vancouver. Which, ah, narrows down the audience of this post considerably. But it’s a Cute Video, so what the heck, eh?)

From Connie C.


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