“Hey Honey? Did You Get The Cat Chow At The Store?”

“Could you bring it in here? Quickly?

~ ~ ~

A very….concerned Dimitri, from Doug & Sowmya in Winnipeg.


Joyeux Noël From Montreal

That’s how they say it in the Great White North, eh? Five days to go! David F. writes, “Our kittens Ace and Tux were having the time of their lives playing with the Christmas decorations so we decided to film them.”

Live From Manitoba: It’s Polar Bear Week!

(Actually it started on Sunday. Apologies.) So, the folks at Explore.org have set up a live Polar Bear Cam (below) broadcasting from lovely and cold Churchill, Manitoba. The “Polar Bear Capital of the World.” Haven’t seen any PB types waddling by yet, though. C.O. thanks to Mike G. for the outstanding press kit.




Let’s Give Thanks, Eh?

It’s still about a month and a half ’til Thanksgiving in the US. But guess what! TODAY is Thanksgiving in Canada! Break out the Pumpkin PIE!! Deets from Sender-Inner Courtney S.:

“I know many people don’t think reptiles can be cute, but I thought these pictures of Nacho Cheese (our Crested Gecko) eating his (Canadian) Thanksgiving pumpkin pie might change some minds!”

“The pumpkin pie is made out of all gecko-safe ingredients. The recipe is here.”

You can find more Nacho Cheese pictures on Instagram and on Tumblr using the “#nacho cheese the crestie” tag.



A Prickly ResQte Of The Week!

Great story from Nicole D. in The Great White North! “I was bicycling in the country when I spotted a little black ball huddled against a guard-rail post on the side of a busy road. I checked in with local wildlife experts who told me it was probably orphaned and assured me they’d take it if I could capture it and deliver it to them –200 kilometers away! With the help of an old pair of leather gloves, a plastic bin and family members who each drove a part of the way, we relayed the little critter to the Toronto Wildlife Centre where they will take care of it until it is old enough to be released back to the wild.”

BUNS On The Run

Let’s head up to The Great White North for this story- it seems BUNS are stowing away in vacationers cars! So BUNS are on the…Lamb?

(Karen S.)

Stumpers In The Great White North!

Recently, we’ve seen Stumpers at Huntington Beach and Long Beach, California. Now they head on up to The Great White North! (Group photo, above.)

Around 50 of these little guys hit Toronto’s Cherry Beach on Sunday for the third annual Corgi Beach Party.

Are you and your Corgi in the Toronto area? There’s an FB group for this bunch.

Here’s some more deets in this Reddit threadit.

(From Petcha.com and Mashable, on a roll these days.)

Kaly ResQte Of The Week UPDATE!

Remember Kaly? The little ResQte puppeh stuck in India who needs to get to Canada? We’ve got an update for you from Jade L.

“I have updates on Kaly’s big adventure and I need your help again!

Kaly was supposed to arrive in Canada in the last week of May but just as she was getting ready for her big adventure to Canada, Goa put an embargo on pet travel! This means Kaly and all her friends at Dr. Marylin’s office are stuck there until it is lifted. She is with 9 other dogs all waiting to get to their homes. Here she is just two days ago.


The embargo should be lifted July 15 and the vet is getting Kaly a new crate so she can come as soon as it is lifted but I’ve been paying $15 a day since April out of my travel budget for her to be well taken care of there in Goa. Here she is back in April:

Now more than ever I need to make my $4000 goal on GoFundMe. I am $900 short and this little bit will make it so I can pay for her flight and finally be reunited with my baby.

You’ve already helped so much but if you could re-post my story it would mean the world to me!”


If you happen to find yourself, say, in St. John’s, Newfoundland (it could happen!) and are looking for some nightlife, you’ll find it here. At Junco’s Pub, the seediest bar in St. John’s.* This fly-by-night joint is open 24/7. (FYI: you have to be a bird to get in.) When it has customers, here’s how it looks:

And here’s the live stream- check and see if anyone’s tossing back a cold one stopping by for some seeds. (Click the button to start it up.)

And here’s how Junco’s came to be:

From Andrew Y. as seen on Da Buzz. *Line stolen from CBC Newfoundland Twitter.

Live From Fort Langley, BC…It’s ResQte Of The Week!

Cute photos of kittehs are terrific, but if you can get ’em LIVE LIVE LIVE from The Great White North, well, that takes up it a notch! (Make sure you crank the audio.)

Jaclyn M. says “TinyKittens is a rescue in British Columbia who run webcams showing the animals they are fostering. Through various streams, you can watch their cats live, and also view archived recordings of events such as births and vet checkups. I’ve been leaving Eve’s livestream on my computer while I’m at work, and hearing the sounds of purrs and kitten slurping makes the day much more pleasant!”

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“After watching the live stream all day, we had to break for food; when we returned, we found our cat Joker trying to join the cuddlepuddle on the screen. Hearts broke with the sweetness. Hope you enjoy as much as we did!” -Caity, James, and Joker- Washington DC.