Don’t Take These To Work

If you do, all your co-workers will steal them!

The Midori Super-Kawaii D-Clips series has lots of designs to choose from- a selection of them shown here. Amazon has ’em right now. And that’s Amazon US, not Amazon JP!







(From Boing Boing)



In case you’re not up on your Japanese, the headline stands for “Monkey.” As in, it’s the Year Of The Monkey. And wouldn’t you know, they got some Smart Monkeys over there in The Big J- look at them spell it out for you! (It sorta looks like it…I guess.)

(RN24 via Andrew Y.)

Return To Cat Island (2016 Version)

[*Note: Previous excursions can be found here, here, and here. -Ed.]

Frequent sender-inner Scott Y. is back with more video! “I wanted to share some footage that was taken during our visit to Tashirojima, Japan’s Cat Island. The photos of Cat Island on the Internet really doesn’t do justice when compared to the experience of actually seeing (and getting swarmed by!) wild cats in all directions. Below are two videos of me (Karen) during the first feeding encounter on the island.”

“The cats are actually quite cute and cuddly, and during the winter months all they want is some shelter and food. We did our best to pack as much food and treats as we could to help the hungry cats as they followed us wherever we went.”

Thing Two’s Late Night Snack

The post on Guremike’s site says “気をつけろ!!妖怪そばすすりがやってくるぞ…!!!” So we cranked up Google Translate and got “Be careful! ! Specter buckwheat sipping is coming …! ! !” Spectre? Like the new 007 movie? Works for me.

2016: The Year Of The Monkeh

Couldn’t round up an actual monkeh for this video, so this kitteh is gonna have to do. Absolutely bananas, if ya ask me.

(Tastefully Offensive.)

Basil. It’s What’s For Breakfast.

Yui The Bun wouldn’t dream of starting the day off without some fresh Basil.

And as long as we’re rolling with Yui The Bun videos- take at look at THIS Disapproval. She is BRINGIN’ IT.

(Andrew Y.)

BUNS Aren’t Just For Bundays

If we can have a Ferret Friday today, we can also have a Bunday BUN too. Sez so in the rules. If there WERE rules. Which there aren’t. What?






Thing Two, Sleepin’ In

It was a long hectic Christmas holiday yesterday for Thing Two, (babies pulling her tail, too much fruitcake and egg-nog) who has decided to exercise her right to Rule of Cuteness #40: Sleeping in a sunbeam is cute. Photo from Guremike.

Santa Sushi? Well, Of Course It Is

File this one under QTE Food/The Big J. Anyway, Japan has been keeping a low profile on the Cute Edibles front since Halloween- I don’t think Thanksgiving is big over there- but they come roaring back for Christmas with, of all things, Santa Sushi.




And next we’ve got some cherry tomatoes stuffed with rice.

Finish things up with some strawberries and whipped cream.

(RN24 and Andrew Y.)

GAAAAA! Little Fur Creatures In Japan (II)

Back in September, we took a jaunt over to Machida Squirrel Garden in Japan. So naturally, we’re headed back.


Jessica K. writes, “Hi! Long time reader, first time sub-mee-shoner. Did you know Japan has zoos just for squirrels?” [*Note: Yup. Ed.]

“Of course it does, it’s Japan! I recently wrote a piece about one in my neighborhood for RocketNews 24, your favorite source for Big J squee-worthy attractions.” [*Note: She writes..FOR…RN24. Sigh. -Ed.]

“It would be super exciting to see it on your page too!”

“All the photos are mine, so feel free to use them! Hope you enjoy!”