Teddy. Bear. TOAST.

This is called “Ernest Bread Pop Up,” and supposedly, you can buy it somewhere on this website- good luck with that.




From Wendy M. as spotted on Boing Boing, and originally on the now-bookmarked for future perusal TokyoFinds.com. (I read BB all the time- how did I miss this? -B.)

Announcing the iPhone (H)

Is THIS the new one everyone’s talking about? Pretty much your standard iPhone- but THIS one comes with a hamster and a little futon snuggle bag!

From RN24 via Andrew Y. But then you knew that.

The Return Of Butt Wiggle Kitteh

Just wind Ohagi up AND LET ‘ER GO!!!!!

Spotted by Smedley.

Hey, Knife & Fork At The Table, Pal!

SOME people just don’t have ANY table manners.


Monday Morning Mailbag

We get emails…

“Just thought I’d give you a head’s-up – the Osaka-based barista who goes by the Twitter handle of @george_10g has some hamster-themed cappuccino art today: (It’s a cartoon character called Hamtaro.) -Robb S.


Mister Donut And Miffy! (Honest.)

RocketNews 24 says these are just for kids. Don’t believe that for one minute. There’s a donut chain in The Big J called Mister Donut. (We’ve encountered these guys before.) Kids 12 and under can order what’s called a “Kids Set.” That’s a small drink, two doughnuts (or pie!) and one of these Miffy The Rabbit figures for under $4 dollars US. (There’s another version that comes with soup and one doughnut. AND- they come with wheels so you can zip ‘em on the ground and freak out the cat.)

No youngsters of your own? 問題ありません!(No problem!) Borrow your neighbors and head on over. Oh, and a DETAIL: ya need to be IN Japan, too.




Cookie Bears. Hugging Nuts.

cute-hugging-bear-cookies-maa-tamagosan-13(Let’s get this outta the way right up front- of COURSE they’re from The Big J. Now, onto more deets, as covered in Bored Panda.)

Whip up a bunch of dough, shape ‘em into bears, and- the tricky part- get ‘em to HOLD A NUT.

These were created by a Japanese cook named Maa Tamagosan. Her recipe is here.




Dateline, The Big J: Mutant Parrot-Bananas!

Where do they THINK of these things? Wait. We all know the answer to that.

These are called “Gachapon,” which is the name for little capsule shaped toys that come in vending machines.


And…another version combines parrots with….mushrooms?

RocketNews 24.

Caturday: SQUEEze Right In, Little Guy!

This fellow lives in The Big J, which is known (among other things) for two things. An extreme amount of QTE, and a dire lack of space. So, ya gotta improvise!



RN24, of course.

Friday Afternoon Redonk

So, it’s Friday afternoon, getting ready to shut ‘er down for the weekend right?

Maybe….do a little cooking this weekend? With your dog?

And this next one is Totally Apropos given the Pikachu Invasion hitting Japan.

First video from The Daily Dotster…second one spotted on VVV.


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