Just In Time For Toesday

(And Christmas gift giving.) We’re ‘Tockin’ heavy duty Toe Beans here, everyone. These Beans you use to massage your back! (Japan, natch.) Quoting RN24: “According to the label, the massagers come in Calico, Tabby and American Shorthair versions, so you can make believe your actual cat is concerned for your well-being.” HA! As IF.

Anyone wanna volunteer some translayshe? And of course, it goes without saying, but we’ll say ‘er again…

(Shaking fist at the sky:) WHY O WHY won’t they sell this in the US?




From Laughing Squid.

Caturday: I’ll Just Be Leaving Now…

[You just let me know when the noms are ready, OK? 'Bye for now.]


Holy Hairballs, It’s Cat Man!

Today’s Big J lesson is about “Kyushu Neko Ojisan.” Also known as “The Cat Man from Kyushu.” Basically, there’s this fellow who has nine Chinchilla and Himalayan cats. He gathers them up, stuffs them in a BABY STROLLER, and then takes them for a walk in Tokyo. RN24 and Jezebel have more deets.

And of course, there’s the FB and Twitter pages, too. (IF you understand Japanese.)

“Redonk cat walk TIMES NINE,” says Stephen T.

Yes. Kitten Band-Aids* From Japan.

These are designed specifically for when your kitteh hauls off and whacks you is feeling like McGrumpypants. Like that ever happens.

RocketNews 24 says you can pre-order on this website- sorry, it’s a Japanese language only site….good luck with that.

Each set has 24 bandages (six types, four of each.)

Cost is Y560- (A bit over $5 US.)

Orders should be fulfilled by the end of December and the end of January 2015.

[*Yes, we KNOW "Band-Aid™ " is a brand™ . But you know everyone calls 'em "Band-Aids" no matter who makes 'em. Like Xerox, y'know? -Ed.]

Slo-Mo Caturday

Normally—cats will NEVER play a game of catch with you. (Why? Because you want them to.) However, if you make it worth their while with their favorite cat toy, they might. Nice video from The Big J, and you can dance to it, too.

‘Tocktober USB Disney Butts!

Just plug Winnie The Pooh, Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck into the outlet, and then add your USB charging cord.

RN24 says they’re going for “1,800 yen (US$16.50), and according to the Hamee site are scheduled to ship out in early October.”

That store ad looks great. I like how they! Put! Exclamation! Points! After! Every! Word! Practically!





The C.O. Cat Café World Tour Continues: Yokohama

Cuteporter Robb S. came across a Cat Café he thought we should know about. (A Cat Café in Japan we don’t know of? Are you kidding? Here’s his review of the Yokohama Miysis CC…and their official website is here.) *If You Go™ deets at the bottom of the post.











*If You Go™: Their address is Naka-ku, Yokohama, Chojamachi 6-99.
*6 minutes from Kannai Station (JR).
*Cover charge starts at Y1300 for 70 minutes, which includes one soft drink. (About $12 USD.)
*Average visit time: 70 minutes.

Some QST (Quality Sink Time) Right Heah

There are some cats and dogs- especially cats- who won’t go within a COUNTRY MILE of a sink or tub. And then there’s THIS long-haired Doxie, who thinks differently.

The translated text from the video comes out as “High-kicking you are very beautiful.” We’re not quite sure what “High-kicking” means. T.O.

‘Tocktober Also Means Halloween

Just Day #2 of ‘Tocktober. It’s also the month for Halloween- and over in The Big J, they’re hard at work crankin’ out the Halloween QTE. (Documented in 2013 here.) Take a look at these ice cream treats from Baskin Robbins. (If you want to go hard-core with the original Japanese, go for it.)

Update! GAAAAAAAAAAA they’re already rolling out CHRISTMAS!




RocketNews 24 says they’re on sale through the 31st. Krispy Kreme/Japan is also offering some Halloween-themed donuts, but we didn’t see any QTE in their offerings. Boo to THEM.

Hopefully, Mister Donut will still come through like they did last year:


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