Selfies Sleevies

From The Big J via RocketNews24/Andrew Y. comes the latest craze [Aren’t they always having ‘crazes’? -Ed.]…..HAMSTERS IN SLEEVES.

RN says that Japanese homes are somewhat poorly heated- we’ll take their word for that- and these naturally burrowing lil’ guys head straight for the closest source of warmth….

…right up your sleeve.

Also quoting RN here, they say “This trend is known as ‘袖ハム sodehamu.’ (Sode 袖 = sleeve, hamu ハム = the first half of the Japanese pronunciation of ‘hamster.’)

Got that?

And is the case with a lot of Cute things in Japan-

You’re sometimes left with a surprise.


Tuesday Tunnel Time

Rikka and Yui check out their new play tunnel. It seems that, curiously enough, they DON’T disapprove of it. From The Big J, natch.

Spotted by Andrew Y., and surprisingly, not from RN24, either. Unless he forgot the link.

NEW Maru: “Maru Intercepts The Box.”

What that basically means is, Hana is in the box. BUT. Maru wants the box. And of course, The Circle has seniority. Is he about to pull rank? Who’s gonna give in? Let’s find out!

What Do U Want For Lunch, Coco?

Some dog food? Or maybe we just head over to In-And-Out and have a couple of Animal Style Double-Doubles. Wait. What was that?

You want SPINACH? Well, blow me down.


The Return Of Mari The Shiba Inu

You might recall Mari, The Shiba Inu who simply wears her hoomin OUT.

Well, Mari is back and she hasn’t changed one bit.

*BONUS Freee Translaysh: Someone in the YT comments did a translation of sorts. At least, I think that’s what it is:

Scene 1: Ok, let’s take a measurement of this panel, hey, newbie, hold this! OK (look at his hand, that means give it to me) Ouch! No, not that. I meant the saw!
Scene 2: Hey, newbie, hold it tight, if you don’t, my design will go wrong and I have to do it again, hold it tight, tight!
Scene 3: Chew well and eat your food. Are you chewing well? The chewing is your job,too
Scene 4: It’s gonna be a hard job in the small space, get nervous. Ok, let’s do it( hide). Newbie, newbie, it is my granddauter Meg’s birthday today. I will invite you for the party. Let’s work again( hide) Are you OK there? If you are OK, put your hand out (you can see her hand) well, it seems you are OK.
Scene 5:I guess you can understand.
Scene 6: If I die, turn the spotlights on me at the end PLEASE,Pl,,,,,but, in retrospect of my life (he glances back){puns}( furikaeru- same pronunciation)tut! Mari is a really good actress. Hope you can enjoy her acting.

From Andrew Y.

Scritch. Flop. Repeat 7X.

What happens when you scritch one Capy Belleh? He/she flops over. But then the others see that, and then you have to scratch them, too. Tough job.

Spotted by Andrew Y. on RN/24…but look! It’s an Encore Presentaysh!

PS- Want more Capys? Why not?

Evening Snack With Nagi

Nagi says Rigby and Mordecai can have that lettuce and green stuff. She has a big juicy strawberry in mind for her dinner!

“I found some Hamster Instagrams,” says Meg B.

Thing Two: Caturday Night In The Big J

p15011602Not much to do on a Caturday Night when you’ve got the Collar Of Shame on- if that’s what that is. So just hunker down in front of the iMac and call it a night!



Guremike’s website also has this photo. I don’t have a clue what they are, but they’re Cute.


Someone Knitted Crocheted Little Santa Suits?

kamakura_knitted_birds_0945So, on this street, there are some sidewalk barriers or guardrails or..whatever. And they make little birds to go on top of them. Nice little whimsical touch, right? Then someone decides to MAKE LITTLE SANTA CLAUS SUITS FOR ‘EM. Yes, it’s Japan. Again.

“One of my other favorite blogs has posted some amazing cuteness which you just have to see,” says Cuteporter pk1154.

“Not only do the Japanese make barricades that come with little sculptured birds, but someone was thoughtful enough to make them wee knit caps and cloaks for winter!”

C.O. Cat Café World Tour: Kyoto, Japan IV

unnamed (5) Dorobozaru O. has most graciously taken C.O. readers on a Cat Café tour of Kyoto, in The Big J. (Click the links for Parts I, II, and III.) She tells us now about our fourth and final stop in that city. “Next up is Neko Café MaruMari. I’m not sure if ‘Marumari’ has a specific meaning, but if you look carefully in the café you will find a sweet little Scottish fold who answers to the name.

This cat café is in the northern part of Kyoto and is a bit trickier to get to. I had a friend take me who had been before. If you don’t mind a walk, it’s about 20 minutes from Koukusai-kaikan on the Kyoto subway line (it’s the very last stop going north.) There are other ways to get there, but the directions are entirely in Japanese.”

unnamed (1)
“The owner was very nice and a little shy, so I’d recommend bringing a Japanese friend to help you through the greetings. He does things a little different and writes down the time you arrived, you then keep track of your time and pay when you leave. It’s 200Y/15minutes, you can purchase some drinks from the owner- however, he does allow you to bring in your own snacks or drinks. Just don’t share anything with the kitties. He was very, very nice and gave us some kitty treats and cat grass to attract the residents. Usually at a cat café you pay 100-200Y for treats.”

unnamed (2)
“The space is beautiful, although not the coziest. There’s a great big window that looks out on to the river. It was very tempting to grab a kitty for a pillow and take a nap in the sunbeams.”

unnamed (3)
“Perhaps my favorite part of the visit was getting to choose a sort of collector’s card of one of the cats. Of course I choose Hime-chan (‘hime’ means ‘princess,’) who is possibly the most awkward and clumsy little princess I have ever met!”

unnamed (4)

If You Go™:

*Hours: Noon ’til 9. We think.

*Call: 075-708-8840



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