According to RN24, people seem to think that Maya The Cat is imitating her hoomin in saying “Ohayō,” which is the “three-syllable Japanese greeting for good morning.”

Who are we to disagree?

Seen by Andrew Y…more Maya vids here.

Bread Cat Missile (パン猫ミサイル)

The title of the video guarantees it a post here on C.O. The whackadoodle kitteh is just a bonus. Big J. Again.


(Boing! Boing!)

♬ All In All It’s Just A…’Nother Pup In The Wall ♫

image (1)I’ve never had the privilege to visit The Big J, but I imagine you would see something new every day. Like, er, puppehs yawning in a wall. “I live in Tokyo and I saw these two dogs on my way to the local park,” Rachel H tells us. “I’m not sure what sort of dog they are but they’re pretty big and super cute!”

Apologies to R. Waters.

♫ Tomorrow May Rain..So I’ll Follow The Sun ♬

[Are we tired by the end of the day? Yes! That’s why we keep sleeping! Sometimes we NEED a cloudy day!]

[*Note: Advise muting the video audio and just roll the Fabs. -Ed.]

From Stacy M. as seen on T.O.

GAAAA, We Missed National Cat Day…In Japan???

It was YESTERDAY. (Also known as Nyan Nyan Nyan Day.) Totally missed the mark with this one. (Looking at YOU, Andrew Y.) A thousand apologies. Anyway, how about these? [*Note: Duh, you did this last year. Check the records much? -Ed.]

Cat shaped eclairs. I love me some eclair action, I do indeed. But no way could I eat these.



Photos and story deets seen on Neatorama.

Thing Two Is NOT A Snow Fan

p15021901[WHAT? MORE Snow? This is outrageous!]

Thing One, meanwhile, is a little more mellow about the whole thing.


The Year Of The…Cat Wearing An Orange

Well, it’s Shiro And Friends again. Can’t say this comes as too much of a surprise.

The Zen Of The Capybara III

There’s no sound to this one, but that hardly matters. “My face hurts from watching this,” writes Karen F.

*The Zen Of The Capybara.

*Return To…Zen Of The Capybara.

“It’s Coming To Get Us!!!”

Someone (or something) has to give here. A robot spider with a camera and disc shooter…vs. a bunch of kittehs and their Mom. From Japan.

But you knew that.

(Boing Boing.)

Nose Boopin’ In Nara Park, Japan

We’ve heard about the famous Deer in Nara Park, Japan. How they basically own the place, right? Giselle C. visited The Big J and has taken Nose Booping to an entirely different level. (Speakers up, please.)


And no, we’re not too sure what the sign means.



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