(Halloween Eve) TGIF!

Time for another edition of our weekly 5pm (PT) feature, TGIF! Kristin W. tells us about our featured guest this week: “Hi, here’s Gingersnap, my ratty, in her Halloween hammock. She’s waiting for Trick-Or-Treaters to bring her snacks!”

The Cute Overload Halloween 2015 Celebrayshe continues


A Sqwerly TGIF! If There Ever WAS One

Yep, 5pm PT and we’ve got some TGIF action for ya! With thanks to Abbey A., who says “Hi C.O.!! These pics are of a squirrel that was eating a nut on our fence!!”

TGIF! (Sea Otter Edition)

Wanna see a Sea Otter get a brain freeze? Of course you do. Thanks to Emily S. for the Cheezburger gif.

It’s 5pm PT……so say it with us—TGIF!



It’s the end of the week, and your ‘Tocks are draggin’. You can’t even muster up a full pounce! This is all ya need to know; it’s 5pm PT: TGIF!

PUqI1iX - Imgur
(Original GIF seen on 9Gag by Andrew Y. but I couldn’t DL it so I took source video and crunched it thru the Imgur GIF-maker, easy-peasy. -B.)


…now can SOMEONE please get me a paper towel for all this formula?? It’s 5pm PT on a Friday, so let’s get some GIF ACTION going! (Photo from The Furrtographer, natch.)


I mean to tell you- this one came in JUST a minute ago, via Andrew Y. I was editing like a BANSHEE. Sure he sent it in 20 hours ago but whatevs. Oh, yes it’s been a busy one today–that big ol’ Anniversary thing comin’ up ya know- so sing it from the rooftops: TGIF!

abbxDXO_460sv (1)
(From Andrew Y. who found it on 9Gag.)


Once more, our favorite time of the week is here- 5pm PT, AKA TGIF! And this kitteh is doing what we ALL wish we were doing right now (and maybe some of us are!)


(9Gag via Andrew Y.)


Nothing like a nice big friendly Ratso to grace this feature on a Friday afternoon (PT.) Photos are from Katheleen L.

TGIF: CHOTK Part II (The Kitten Room)

Earlier we saw some Kim Barker Adoption Room photos from the CHOTK. In Part II, we get to see The Kitten Room (not yet ready for adoption) which also doubles as our weekly TGIF!





TGIF: We’re In A Pickle!

Actually, this IS “Pickle.” And she’s making an honored appearance on our weekly Friday late afternoon feature, TGIF! “I think she was looking for her treats,” writes Bonnie P.