Good Things Come In Twos

And let’s just get MATCHINGKS out of the way right up front! This is Adele and Havana- “Our new Boston Terrier puppies, sisters from the same litter,” says Molly S.

Roos And Emus, Oh MY!!

These guys hang out at Victoria’s (Australia) Wild Action Zoo.

Emu Chicks Edi and Eli are just a few days old- and here they are with buddy Reuben The Kangaroo.

The chicks were brought into a zoo staffer’s home to protect them from feral foxes. They’ll be released into the open paddock with their parents, when they get bigger. BuzzFeed Australia has more deets.

“You’ve probably seen this link today, but these pictures of a pair of emu chicks and a kangaroo joey simply made my day,” writes Diana C.

They’re Cleaning My Bed

[….so I’ll just take a nap up here if it’s OK with you, big guy. Ahhhhhhh. Perfect.]

(Susan M. saw this video here.)

“♬ The Spiky Little Guy & The Tiny Little Dog ♫”

There’s nothing like going swimming with your best friend.

Rats, It’s Monday In Chicago

This Ritty-Rat and Therapy Doggeh are Windy City BFFs to the max! Please meet the Dutch Shepherd therapy dog Osiris, and his little pal Riff Rat.🐺💕🐭









Maybe A New Rule?

“If your tongue is hanging out in the breeze…that’s cute.” And Jack here would be the reason for that Rule. Notice a small critter on the far right side of the photo- that turns out to be Penny, the little Yorkie Snorfer who was here just last week!

Thanks be to Jenny C.

Meet Chip And Adele

Chip (the puppeh) and Adele (the kitteh, natch) were given up by their respective owners at five and four weeks of age.

They both ended up at Operation Kindness in Dallas and are currently at a foster home.

They are paws-itively inseperable!

Here’s their FB page.

They will be ready for adoption at the end of April, y’all.

Here’s where you can donate to help little Critters like Chip -N- Adele.

As seen on 22 Words.