Look What You Get In Just ONE Post:

1.) Princess DI eyes AND Side-Eye.

2.) Squeaking.

3.) Batman ears.

4.) Little White Booties and Pink Toe Beans.

Seems like a good deal where I come from.


Will You PLEASE Just Let Me Sleep???

[I got in at 3am. I think. My head is POUNDING. Will you turn off that noise and leave me alone? And how about an Aleve if you please? BTW, where am I and who ARE you?]

The Forecast For Tonight Calls For Snow, And..

…a 100% chance of fun.

“Aren’t You A Little Short For A Stormtrooper?”

And C.O.’s Star Wars Day is underway! Many of you have probably already seen it, right? If not, keep tuned to C.O. all day for the best Star Wars QTE this side of Alderaan. “These aren’t the Stumpers you’re looking for. Move along.” (Andrew Y. saw this on 9Gag.)

May We Suggest Smart Choice

…for your next meal, instead of In And Out Burger Animal Style? Maybe this Corgeh does need to drop a few, but then again, when you’re a Stumpers, you’re built pretty low to the ground anyway.

Looks Like Someone Got Into The Turkey….

….a bit early. #trytophancoma

Toby Nose What Month Eet Ees

“Oh Hai! Haz pets for me?” -Toby The Corgi. Sent from the magic iPhone of Kim M.

When All Ya Got Are Stumpers…

Ya gotta be CAREFUL goin’ down those steps, THUMP THUMP THUMP.

(Andrew Y.)

The Anatomy Of A Corgi (v2.0)

Well, sorta. The above image is from Imgur/Reddit; below is an Encore Presentayshe of a different version from 2.5 years ago.

Which is more accurate?

Second image from the Sir Artwork Tumblr.

Headline THIS: You’re Putting That WHERE?

[*Update 1:11pm PT: Thanks to Ella for the header and everyone else who commented. Stay tuned for Thursday, 6am PT. -Ed.]

Say, time for another edition of “Headline THIS!” “Her name is Polly Hill, after a botanical garden in Massachusetts,” writes Christina D. (Yep- we gave the dog a last name.) Here she is at her first Vet appointment (getting ready for her Puppy shots) with my Mom (Judith) on the left and a Vet Tech on the right. I took the photos last Saturday @ Adobe Animal hospital in Palo Alto, CA. The dog…was not having a fun Saturday night. Hope you think she’s as cute as I do!”

So- you know the score. Polly OBVY knows what’s about to go down. Write up your best header and we’ll run our fave at 1pm PT! (FYI the tech used an ear thermometer.)

[*Note: We’ll have an extra speshyul edition of Headline THIS coming up on Thursday- @cuteoverload has a bit o’ info on that. Just sayin.’ -Ed.]