Stumpers In The Great White North!

GTA Corgis Beach Day 2015 - Group Photo-1Recently, we’ve seen Stumpers at Huntington Beach and Long Beach, California. Now they head on up to The Great White North! (Group photo, above.)

Around 50 of these little guys hit Toronto’s Cherry Beach on Sunday for the third annual Corgi Beach Party.

Are you and your Corgi in the Toronto area? There’s an FB group for this bunch.

Here’s some more deets in this Reddit threadit.

(From and Mashable, on a roll these days.)

Crouton Cam!

Crouton DogglesLast week, we showed you all that action at the last Corgi Beach Day in Southern California. Well, it turns out there was a MAN STUMPER ON THE SCENE and we didn’t even know it ’til now. Folks, meet Crouton The Videographer. (Above.) That’s what a GoPro looks like from one view. Here’s how it looks from the other way!

Submish by Crystal S.

Floppy. Stubbular. Brand New.

CY9A7478Until today, the only Mochi I had ever come across were those fantastic little Desserts of Joy you get at Trader Joe’s. Then I opened up the ol’ Cute Overload Email Box, and I saw THESE. “I would love to share with you, Mochi, a miniature cream long haired Dachshund Puppy,” says Lauren.

“These are some of my favorite photos of Mochi. More photos of Mochi can also be found on his Instagram!”

“He’s definitely an Overload of Cute: stubby lil legs (check,) floppy big ears (check,) fluffy fur (check,) and sad puppy dog eyes (check!)



“Corgi Nation” Descends On Huntington Long Beach

11809524_1662367737333290_1377391584_nBack in April, “Corgi Nation” descended on Huntington Beach for a huge Corgi Fest. This past weekend, they did it again- this time, some 800 Stumpers partied in Long Beach. Next get-together set for October 24th, back in Huntington Beach. Photos via Mashable.












Yes, Please.

That there is a bebeh Mini Appaloosa. Anybody want one of those?

From @CuteEmergency.

Correct Stumpers Office Manners

While companies these days encourage you to “be yourself” and “do your own thing” and “be part of the team;” there are certain non-negotiable office rules.

Always mute your phone during meetings.

You don’t necessarily need to have a chat in the restroom.

Try not to always be the last person to a meeting. Poor form.

No one likes Loud Talkers.

If you’re sick, stay home. No one else wants your cold.

We understand you have a large music collection. Use headphones- not everyone wants to hear the 12″ remix of “Into The Groove.” Over and over.

No one likes close talkers, either.

Maybe don’t always take the last Krispy Kreme.

If you take the last of the coffee, make another pot.

(As you can tell, this one’s from Mashable.)

Boy, Wuz That French Open Great Or WHAT

[I watched the whole thing! Wawrinka somebody beat, um, Djokovic somebody. Four sets, whatta upset! I got my tennis ball right here and was gonna go out and play a set or two- but I just..can’t..seem…to reach it. Sooo ty-ty.]


[*Note: That wraps it up for this week here on Cute Overload- be with us on Rats, It’s Monday morning for some Prosh Newborn Bebeh Koala Video Action, and one of the best Maru episodes ever. -Ed.]

Not Too Sure What’s Going On Here

However, it IS Prosh. And that’s all that matters.


“Corgi Nation” Descends On Huntington Beach

nmo3l1-13.corgi.041115.msCorgi Beach Day was Saturday, and an estimated 500 of the little Stumpers hit the sand for some fun and frivolity!


Photos 1-5 from the The OC Register/Mindy Schauer; Photo 6 from Instagram/Mashable.

Stumpy Legs…Big Ears…Bigger Heart!

Stumpy legs and big ears - ImgurWow, just look at those Ears! And the Little Paws. The Stubbular Butt, of course. This is what we at C.O. call “The Complete Package.” (Part of the headline, and image from Reddit.)


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