Happy St. Cat-Tricks Day!

Isn’t that what today is for? Cat tricks day? They all get together and do…cat…..tricks?

What? It’s not?









~Le Kitteh Creditos

1) (Featured image) “This is Annie (aka Annie girl, Noonie, Weenie dog, Annie Manannie, Manoonium.) We just lost her on Feb. 2nd and we’re so sad. But she was an amazingly sweet cat who gave us so much love right to the very end. I got her when she was 3 weeks old and she was with me and my husband though 7 moves and 4 cities. She would give kisses if asked and loved to lick coffee off napkins.” -Melisa A.

2) “This is LilyGirl. Her nose and ears are really that pink, and her eyes are really that green!” -Angell R.

3) From Flickr user Thegoodbrat as seen on Mostly Cats Mostly Tumblr.

4) “Riley is looking very fine in his best tie.” -Bethany B.

5)”This is my gorgeous and wonderful friend, Emmett. He is too beautiful not to share with the world. Photo by his mommy, Katie Y. Regards, Kristi.”

6) From Cute Emergency Twitter.

7) Abbie McFloofersons, from Sharon D.

8) Wendy from Sally C.

9) Zoe The ResQte Kitteh, from Gina R.

10) Le Grumpster from Instagram.

OH, OK. Here’s a Cat Trick.