“Hey Honey? Have You Seen My Car Windows Towel?”

“I left it on the front porch a minute ago to come get some Windex, and now….it’s gone!”

(Boing!! Boing!!)

Pickles And Hazel

Part of the appeal of Squirrels- to me, at least- is you never know quite what they’re gonna do at any particular moment. For no reason at all, they’ll just BOING go straight up in the air. Like Pickles here!

And this is Hazel, methodically picking through the nut selections for the day.

From Eric W in Iowa.


[I just found this out here on the porch railing—I SWEAR—so I am gonna help myself!]

From Lucy B., who adds “Usually I give him crunchy peanut butter on a cracker but this was one of those small individual peanut butter packs, like jelly, that you get on the free breakfast buffet. Brought some back from beach and wanted to see what Mr. Squirrel would do with it. Loved watching him.”

Mission: Possible…With Mr. Fluffytail

00:00 : Scope out the room. No threat detected. Proceed.

00:04 : Hit the counter. No threat detected. Proceed.

00:08 : Sort through the peanuts to get the right one. No threat detected. Proceed.

00:25: Quick ninja exit.

“We forgot to close the front door and this dude saunters in. We feed him all the time, so he knows where the goods are. Not only that, this boy is picky.” -Maureen K.

“Gonna Save This For December!”

Mr. McMuzzlepowche has NO shame when it comes to stuffin’ in the peanuts. If you don’t have pockets, you gotta do what ya gotta DO.


♬ Here Comes That Rainy Day Feelin’ Again ♬

squirrel-umbrella-rain-squirrelisimo-max-ellis-5[Glad I brought my Purple Umbrella! ‘Purple Rain’ woulda worked for the song, but not a Prince fan, sorry. U got any peanuts?]




Jennifer A. found these Max Ellis photos on Bored Panda. Music by The Fortunes.

Sleppy X 3

It’s about that time- got to get me my glass o’ Bosco and then…YAWN – C U tomorrow, OK then? ZZZZ.




Raider Of The Lost Nut

That’s one of the names we give these little maniacs when they dive bomb into our backyard for the peanuts we leave out for ’em.


Time To Raid The Fridge

It’s what Sqwerls do best, right? So it’s late, and Wally heads down to the kitchen to see what’s in the fridge- ahhhhhh, APPLESAUCE.

Feelin’ Sqwerly On A Saturday

cute-squirrel-photography-geert-weggen-20Normally, we’d say “Caturday,” but Sqwerls and Cats don’t usually get along, so we’re goin’ with Saturday, K? Check out these great photos by photographer Geert Weegen as seen on Bored Panda!

making breakfast



fall in light

flower friend

mishroom whisper

whisper mushroom


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