Time To Raid The Fridge

It’s what Sqwerls do best, right? So it’s late, and Wally heads down to the kitchen to see what’s in the fridge- ahhhhhh, APPLESAUCE.

Feelin’ Sqwerly On A Saturday

cute-squirrel-photography-geert-weggen-20Normally, we’d say “Caturday,” but Sqwerls and Cats don’t usually get along, so we’re goin’ with Saturday, K? Check out these great photos by photographer Geert Weegen as seen on Bored Panda!

making breakfast



fall in light

flower friend

mishroom whisper

whisper mushroom

Friday Afternoon Haiku: Will Work For Peanuts

DSC_0134Backyard banditos
have no problem when it comes
to stealing peanuts


“Cubby was a squirrel who helped me rake leaves all fall so he was rewarded for his hard work, writes Don W.

UPDATE! Don also sent in this YouTube clip:

MMMMM, Peanut Butter!

‘Member how last week, we showed you Annie having a nice Peanut Buttah snack. Today, Mr. Sqwerlio decides he’ll have some PB for lunch! “My little outdoor freeloader eating the peanut butter I put out for the birds,” says Stacy M.

It’s Sqwerl Apreesh Day!

unnamed (5)Sqwerls are a C.O. favorite, and today is their day! Check out this huge selection of Sqwerl Photos, c/o Cuteporter KB- taken at the Coast & Canyon Wildlife Rehabilitation in Malibu, California.

(Here’s a bonus Wallpaper Of The Month, too- just click n’ download!)

Squirrel Appreciation Day


unnamed (19)

unnamed (18)

unnamed (17)

unnamed (16)

unnamed (15)

unnamed (14)

unnamed (13)

unnamed (12)

unnamed (3)

unnamed (4)

unnamed (6)

unnamed (7)

unnamed (8)

unnamed (1)

unnamed (9)

unnamed (10)

unnamed (11)

unnamed (2)

Original wallpaper image from Shutterstock.

The Return Of Nuts The Sqwerl!

Flashback to May of 2013- Charlie B. sent us a video of Nuts The Sqwerl, from his college campus in the UK. But wait, as they say on TV- there’s more!

“You may remember my old baby squirrel shoulder video which you used a while back – well I had a good long hunt for the original SD card used and finally it showed up – I was able to find the other clips of the baby critter and put them up in a new vid! It’s my friend Jimmy (who filmed me last time) with Nuts at the start, and other people round campus holding him after. I thought I’d come to you with the video link as everyone on your blog seemed to love the original clip!”

Oh, You Want Your GoPro™ Back?

[Gonna cost you a bag of Planters Pea-WHOOPS!]


Someone’s Getting Punked

Pumpkin (or, if you prefer, “Punkin”) carving is a big deal here at C.O. Mainly because so many critters seem willing to do it, and look Cute in the process. Look at the handiwork of this little maniac. Well played sir, well played!



That’s rather impressive. Looks like the guy in my backyard- this was earlier this afternoon- has a long way to go.

First three photos from Boing!! Boing!!

Ultimate Raging River Sqwerl ResQte!!

Somehow, this bedraggled little knucklehead got stuck on a rock in the middle of a river. Along comes Mr. River Boarder Guy Thomas Paterson to save the day!

From VVV.

Now You Know Why They Call It “Trick Or Treat.”

Be on the lookout tomorrow night for this gang o’ thieves.

If you don’t have a treat for ’em…

More than likely, they’re gonna lay a trick on you.

And don’t be surprised…

If your punkins are gone Saturday morning.

Great photos from British photographer Max Ellis as seen on Bored Panda.


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