In a National Squwerl Taste Test, Apple products like the iPhone and iPod Ear Budz were voted Best Tasting!

“We think we have some pretty darn good products here at Apple, and the fact our Ear Budz have been voted ‘Best Tasting’ is pretty awesome,” says an Apple rep. “Not only do they give you crystal clear digital sound, if you’re on the train and need a quick iSnack©, you’re good there, too.”

iNom© Video spotted by Matt K.

It’s Time to Say, Arrive Derrièr-ci

‘Tocktober was totally awesome. We ‘tocked around the clock. We’ll do it again next year. Until then, ‘tock on!

It’s time to ‘tock ‘n roll.

Happy tails to you.

The End is near!

‘Tock to ya later, Jade G.

Sqwerl Cookehs!

Just the thing to have with your morning coffee…

Squirrel cookies!

Here’s the recipe. Had to run it through the Google Translator ‘cuz it’s Italian and stuff.


I’m Just a Girl Who Can’t Say No…

to squirrels.

I love them so much.

Here are some things I like to do:

Lookin’ at squirrels.

Feedin’ squirrels.

Coverin’ their tiny squirrel heads with tiny hats.

Admirin’ my haberdashery.

Enjoyin’ the squirrel’s delight.

Kelly W., we are just nuts about your submission! Pictures and full story by Maggie McGlinchy here.

Morning After At Delta Tau Chi

Brother Bluto face down in the bowl. Again.

Submeesh from Mary C., who rehabilitates partying opossums and squirrels.

Skwerl Steals Puppeh’s Identity

They’ll do anything for belly rubs!

Somewhere out there, is a puppeh burying acorns, LinninIN

Kitty the ResQter

Just looking at me, you would think I’m an adorable kitten.

And it’s true, I am.

But, I’m more than cute, I’m a surrogate mother to squirrels.

When they are very tiny, they don’t try to run away, so you can cuddle them all you like, even when you get distracted by a strange noise or flicker of light.

One day, my little friend will be big and frolic in the trees. He won’t have the time to let me groom him. I’m making the most of it right now.

This takes ResQte to a WHOLE NOTHER LEVEL, Star Foxy!

Come On! We’re All Thinking It.

Is that tree birthing a squirrel?

When’s the baby shower, Eyrich?

I’m Right Below You, JUMP!

Nice catch, Assen!

Squirrels Have Evil Genius

I think they are trying to spell something. If squirrels can spell, we are all in big trouble.

Here is the ringleader:

What might life be like if squirrels ruled the world, Vitali B.?


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