I Wuz Made For Loffin’ U Bay-Bee

“Outside my office window in Hamburg, Germany I’m frequently visited by a little red squirrel. I was very surprised when the little guy stopped by & started making faces at me. I snapped a few pictures before Gene Simmons (named for obvious reasons) went about his business and left.” -Hendrik B.




What’s the Nut Harvest Like This Year?

Let’s check in with our favorite nutologist, Cheeky McStufferkins in Acornucopia, USA, shall we?

“We saw this squirrel when we were walking my dog through the woods. For five minutes she just stared at my dog then after a few photos I said thank you and she ran off like she knew her photo was being taken and I was done!! One smart squirrel right there!!” -Kate S. (How could you tell she’s a sh-… oh nvrmnd. I would not have noticed that. Great photo by the way!)

When You Climb A Pole, And Drop Your Snack…

You look like this.


Story from Mail Online, photo by Caters.

Hi, I’m Rob The Palm Sqwerl

[Hi, I’m Rob. A movie guy filming in Sri Lanka this summer rescued me!]

[Got my own FB, natch.]

[More deets here- I think his name is Paul. I don’t know for sure tho, since I can’t read.]

[Dude couldn’t take me back to the UK so he set me up in a hotel.]

[Pretty sweet deal, right?]

[I’ve had to turn down a lot of media requests. But not Christiane Amanpour. I like her.]

[I think I need an agent.]

[But then I gotta pay like 20%, so maybe not.]

Nite Nite!

All photos from the Paul Williams site except the last one, which was spotted at Mail Online.

There’s A Man Who Lives A Life Of Danger…

Cuteporter Holly S. sent us these terrific photos!

“Hi, here are some photos I took of the squirrels gettin’ my pumpkin!”




There’s also a pretty good tocks-shot in there, as well as one of my cats Mr. Pants and Oscar J. Computer hoping to murder this squirrel, and the squirrel who is completely unfazed.”

Post title inspired by Secret Agent Man.

Caught In The Act

Animuhls (like kids) can do the darndest things. Sometimes, if you’re a great photographer (like these folks as seen on My Modern Met) you can get a terrific shot by just being in the right place at the right time. Talent and a great camera helps, of course!

These were a part of The Mammal Society’s Photographer of the Year competition earlier this year. (The 2014 competition is now open.) Individual photo creditos in the hovers.

First Place Winner: Jumping Rat


Second Place Winner: Licking Fox


3rd Place Winner: Wood Mouse with Blackberry


Gray Seals Laughing


Leaping Squirrel


When Cute Bunnies Strike

Cute bunnies can strike anywhere. When they do, strike back with the Skwerlinator 5000! More powerful than, uhh, awww, lookit that, did you ever in your life, that is the cutest-cutest ohfergoodnesssake, aren’t they cuuute?

Don’t let cute ruin your life! Via YouTube

Sqwerl ResQte In Colorado

We’ve all read about the bad flooding in Colorado. It’s taken a terrible toll on hoomins as well as Colorado’s Critters. People are helping out these little guys by taking them in for emergency care- let’s go to the videotape with 9News.com. (Hover over first image to play the video, it’s one of those weird Shockwave clips.)


Cuteporter Janna K. sent this in.

Squeaky Brakes?

Let’s just have a quick look, no need to have some expensive mechanic work on ‘em…ah! There we go!

From Cuteporter Spacecase.

Shhhhhhhh…Photobomb In Progress!

Someone’s got mischief on their mind in Utah’s Zion National Park.

Photo by Alli Berry.


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