Snow, Snow, Go Away!

[Come again some other day! Although I do like my little hat. And is that Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel over there? Oh man we ARE gonna get a lot of snow.]

From Mail Online.

I Don’t Have Your Nut, For the Last Time!

Sometimes, McTabbersons wished he didn’t have a friend with furaging habits.

Via YouTube.

Maybe I Can Hide This In Here

Wally The Sqwerl tries to hide his nut in the fur of Jax The Bernese Mountain Dog. Didn’t quite work out.

From Tastefully Offensive.

How 2 Make A Snoozing Sqwerl

1.) Tuck under warm blanket.
2.) Talk in soothing, quiet tones.
3.) Rub the head and back repeatedly.
4.) Repeat steps 1-3.


From MoonPieWoman.

Do Ya Feel Lucky? Well, DO Ya?

You will after watching this video! (The sqwerl in the video is named Lucky, just so ya know.)

And here’s one of Lucky getting his drink on.

Sqwerl Apreesh Day Ees TODAY!

They run around acting, well, Squirrely. And today is THEIR day!

So if you want to celebrate..

..maybe head over to the park.

Or just your backyard.

Toss out a nut or two, for these little nuts!




~ LeCreditos ~

Video #1 discovered by Emilia. Video #2 by Pooter. Remaining videos from KB. Photo 1 from Milo’s Mom. (No, not THAT Milo. Another one.) Photo 2 of Harmonica Joe, a rescue ground squirrel at Coast & Canyon Wildlife. Photo by KB. Photo #3 of Truffle, submitted by havenoideasorry.

What Ever You Say

No, really, what do YOU think this squirrel is saying? We would love to hear your skwerlio translations!

Via YouTube.

‘Munks and Skwerls!

OK, Peeps, not only ‘Munks but Skwerlios too! Clutch your pearls, this. is. rodent. overload! [palpitasshons]

Beady-eye-factors and stripey furzle-faces and whiskaires and tailios and boopable nosicles and grabby hands!

I’m meeelting! (Not really. Really!)


11342211486_7c4e098621_z (1)



11342112795_d51c2e2470_z (1)

Coast & Canyon Wildlife Rehabilitation, Malibu, CA” – Kim.

Skrat’s Lesser Known Cousin

Leftover from the Ice Age! It’s the seldom seen, rarely heard of, abominable snow skwerl in its natural habitat storing up ice for the summer.

Via Pixdaus.

Guy Buys a Bag of Mulch. Gets a Free Squirrelio.

It all started when, well, no one really knows how it started. But this guy found a bebeh squirrelio that somehow got inside a bag of mulch.

We also don’t know who is luckier, the squirrelio or the guy.

All we know is a very caring guy got the best Cracker Jack prize ever! And its name is Zip!

Except, unlike a Cracker Jack prize, Zip keeps getting better and better.

And, like they say, when we help even the littlest of those in need,

it brings good car-ma.

Zip would now like to raise a toast to his hoomin.

(Zip makes little “ahem” sound) …”Here’s to the man who gave a tiny, lost squirrel a lot of love,

“Dude, you’re the best, go out and get yourself a brand new glove.”

“This is a great story. Really needed to pass it along. Love CO so much!” -Terry from MN.


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