Who Keeps Ringing the Doorbell?!

“It’s that cat again, I’ll bet you anything. Stupid punk kid…”

“Well, it’s not the birds from the next tree. Looks like they flew south.”

“Um, there’s a bunch of people looking at us on a website right now. Maybe they saw something.”


Via James Havard.

I Got No Strings on Me

“I mean, everyday it’s just the same old routine: Climb down the tree, forage for nuts, climb up the tree, go to sleep, do it again. And I ask myself, is that all there is? Do I get any choice here? How about you; you ever get that feeling you weren’t in control of your own life?”


The backstory on this picture is really touching, so take a look.

Forest Friends

The fall chill is coming soon, and these guys are busy stocking up!

Check out Squirrley McSquirlersons and his friend the Stellars Jay I photographed last month in Red Canyon, Utah, says Sender-Inner Niki B. “It took a lot of patience and peanuts to get these friends to come out and play! Thanks for sharing The Cute!”


#TGIF: Sqwerl Fence Floppage

14105554453_b71215d45f_oThis little guy is just happy the work week is OVER. (And note the Excellent Toe Splayage!) From Flickr user Nomadic Lass, and originally spotted as desktop wallpaper on Bing Desktop.

Ever Feel Like U Have A Monkeh On Your Back?

Don’t worry about it- you’re not the only one. Take two Squirrel Monkehs and call us in the morning.

From Gene A.

Triple Sqwerl Assault Course

How greedy are Sqwerls? VERY. Not sure why this says “Double Assault Course,” ’cause this British fellow Steve Barley set up THREE separate assault courses for his backyard buddies to traverse, in order to get the food. Maybe ’cause he only ended up with two sqwerls? Either way- for these maniacs, this is absolutely a MISSION: POSSIBLE.

From Jennifer M. as seen here.

All Hail The Corn Squirrel King

cornsquirrelking“I snapped the attached photo here in Austin Texas at a restaurant called “Freddie’s Place” that provides small chairs in trees. It is perhaps the most important photo of a squirrel ever taken. His name: Corn Squirrel King.” -Jamin G.

Have A Ball There, Lil’ Dude

Sometimes the best toys are the simplest ones.


Suggestion For A New Rule Of Cuteness

DSC03283eE“Getting really excited over a snack is cute.” Whadya think?






Photos provided by KB, from Coast & Canyon Wildlife Rehabilitation in Malibu, CA.

Actually, I’m Holding This DOWN

Ever haz one of those days where all you wanna do is go home and flop down on the nearest couch deck railing?

unnamed (1)
“After a long morning of stealing birdseed from the neighborhood sparrows and doves, this little guy went offline on the deck railing to recharge. Photo credit to my brother Mark.” -Aiden F.


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