Hoppy Poppy

It looks like someone is just a little bit excited that it’s chow time. “​This is a video of Poppy the Rescue Dog. Many thanks…and love your site, Jamie M.”



Mr. Marmot decides he’s gonna get all kinds of fierce on some hikers on Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler, British Columbia. Clip from Mashable.

[*Note: Careful with the Speaker Volume on this one– he REALLY hits a high note. Like, say–Barry Gibb. No joke. Don’t use headphones. -Ed.]

THIS JUST IN: Oh, look. He did a duet with Taylor Swift. (Seen on The Squid.)

BONUS: Speaking of Marmots…can’t forget this guy.

Q: How Many Goldies Does It Take To Go Down The Slide?

A: Two!

(From TMZ: another Quality Smedley Find.)