New! It’s The Snake-Scrunchee!™ New!

AS SEEN ON TV….somewhere. New from the Cute Overload Wearable Products Division AKA “CO Soft-Wear” comes the Snake-Schrunchee!™ You’re driving along with the windows down (or worse, the top down) headed for coffee and WHOOPS the hair’s a mess. Quick look down at the shift lever where you keep extra scrunchies and…nada.

With the Snake-Schrunchee™ you’re always prepared. Just toss him in your jacket pocket, and he’ll automatically crawl into place. No muss, no fuss. Set it, forget it, and buy it today! The Snake-Schrunchee™ …only from Cute Overload.

Anne F.: “This is from my blog. This little python was sitting on my shoulder but inched his way up my neck and wrapped himself around the elastic band and just settled there. I didn’t want to move for the rest of the day (neither did he!!)”


McSnakersons In Sweatah


That was Dear Leader’s response when I sent her this submission by Cuteporter Kelly J. This might be a CO first. Little Snakey Dude is actually named Milky Joe, and seems to be owned by Stephanie Davidson.




Video originally spotted at Incredible Things.