From The CO Mailbag: Slugs ‘R’ Us

Dear Cute Overload:

I am a bit concerned over your lack of….slugs. Yes, slugs. While we don’t have quite the “Squee Factor” of say, “Kodie,” no doubt you will agree we have a certain slimy Je Ne Sais Quoi, no?

Sammy McSluggersons

Sammy McSluggersons photo from Diana C. “I am sending you a pic of a tiger slug, amazing little things crawling around in Ireland.”


What You Don’t Hear on Those Discovery Channel Mini-Series

Had I sat on the edge of your plate and stared while you devoured your bourgeois cheeseburger, I suspect my prying eyes would’ve been met with copious amounts of table salt! Yet here you perch, narrating my every bite. You sir, are the despicable slime!

Do Banana Slugs wear banana hammocks, Brinke? See more slugtastic action here.