I’m Just A Love Machine

C’mon, ya know you’d like to have some of this action! Sure, I’ve gained a little weight- but you’re lookin’ at the Round Mound of Pounds!

As spotted on the CO Twitter, c/o @PausePaz.

A Minute Twelve Of Chewie Chewing

Sneef? SNEEF? Erp.

Ah don’t know what these green things are. And ah don’t WANT to nose. Mmmmmmmm, CARROTS.

As seen on the Po Of Huff.

The Curious Case Of Prince And The Endless Itch

This one speaks yawns for itself. Won’t you say hi to the Sloth Formerly Known As Prince? (Well, he still is Prince. But it’s a catchy play on his name, so, yeah.)


Video and photos by and from Pilar. Smedley gets co-credit for the header.

SOS: Save Our Sloths!

GHXiP5YCuteporter Becky C. fills us in: “I work at the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica and we desperately need help in order to continue our work rescuing sloths. We’ve recently launched the Save Our Sloths campaign to try and raise enough funds to return rescued baby sloths to the wild. There is lots more information on our campaign page!” (Becky also supplied these photos late last night. Awesome.)











Ready for Your Close Up?

Just a bit of blush, a wistful look and I am good to go!

Be sure to get my best side.

Via The Daily Mail

It’s a Very Philoslothical Questshon

What are these two doing? Are they kissing upside down? Are they having a Lady & the Tramp spaghetti scene moment? Maybe they are sharing a bite of pineapple upside-down cake? But then, shouldn’t sloths eat upside-down cake right-side up?  No, ‘course not, …then the blood might rush to their hands.

This PDA brought to you by Briana S. at wildphotographer.tumblr.com!

Tiiiiiime to go to the vet!

Ooooohhhhhh kkkkaaayyyy, wwwwweeellllll bbbbbbeee rrrrrrrreeeaaaadddyyyyyyyy iiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn 2222222222::::::::::0000000000333333333 . . . . . .

Fave Frame:

Via ThePetCollective

Hey Buddy

Wanna hang out?

Bra! I’d love to.

Josh N. volunteered at Sloth Sanctuary for two weeks and came back with loads of pictures – bet he wishes he came back with a sloth or twelve in his suitcase. See more from Josh here.

Workin’ The Drive-Thru Window

It would seem they’ve got a different type of drive-thru window in London. With this one- the food is brought TO the drive-thru window person sloth, not to the hoomin in the drive-thru lane.

Ah well, they drive on the wrong side of the road over there, anyways.

Leander the sloth at ZSL London Zoo.

Some Days Are Rough

Like when you accidentally drop your lunch on the floor in front of all of your co-workers, so you can’t even five second rule it.

Or when you trip over a shoe that totally wasn’t there last night on your way out the door and rip your pants.

Or when someone blocks the whole aisle with their stinking shopping cart impeding your forward motion, making you ground-stomping angry.

Those are the days you need a little sloth.

The rage is beginning to leave, Drew D.

Feeling like things are looking up some, Bradley Ireland Productions and Sloth Sanctuary!

Breath is slow and easy, now, Phillie Casablanca.

Happy thoughts are replacing the gloom, hotshotjen.

And now, zen has been achieved, gmnomic.


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