Remember YOUR First Box?

It was sooooooo long ago, right? “If I fits I sits.” We’re privileged to be able to visit this kitteh’s very first Box Experience, in his/her long road to the inevitable box-hab treatment center.

But ya know—-boxes aren’t JUST for kittehs. Ask Porkchop.


End Of Nosevember Means…

…it’s time for Christmas photos! Do you have one like this one of Cody from last year? If you do, send it on over– we’d love to see it and maybe use it right here! (PRO Tip: Make it sharp and clear, and the larger the file size the better- just not so big it’ll kill Gmail.) Thank you and we can’t wait to see them!

~ ~ ~

“I’ve been a huge fan of Cute Overload since the day I emailed Cody’s puppy pictures to a friend who replied that Cody was as cute as anybody on C.O., and I should visit the site immediately, and submit a photo someday….which took me a while, but here it is. Just in case you don’t have enough photos in the category “pups humoring humans for a Christmas card shot,” here’s one of our girl Cody doing an awfully good job of it. She is a 3-year old lab mix. We’d love to see her on Cute Overload!” -Nora & Glenn.

It’s Nosevember In Norway, Too

Holy moly! Se på det nese! (“Holy moly! Look at that nose!”) Now that there is some massive Super Slobberknocker Action. Just…wow. Tell us, R & T:

“Dear Cute Overload, this is Aragon, also known as Snugglepumkin, or The Beast, kinda depending on his daily mood. He is a rescued great dane, who has such a fabulous nose that we felt it should be shared with the world. Happy Nosevember! Forever fans, Reidun and Thomas, Norway.”

Otto’s Got Game

Dateline, Lima Peru. Otto The Skateboarding Bulldoggersons blasts down the sidewalk through 30 hoomins to bag him a Guinness World Record.

Candidate For Best Day Ever

“♬ I’m slobberin’ in the rain (KLUNK)
Just slobberin’ in the rain!
What a glorious feeling, I’m happy again. (KLUNK)
I’m laughing at dark up above.
The sun’s in my heart and I’m ready for love! ♫”

Pucker Up, Puppehs

What could be better than getting a big ol’ wet slobber kiss from your favorite puppeh? When they do it IN SLOW MOTION!

[*Note: Slammin’ soundtrack. Is that Michael Bublé? -Ed.]

“Hey Honey? Have You Seen My New Exercise Ball?”

“Um….well….maybe. I’d…ask Pixel. He knows where it is. I’m sure of it.”

“Then again..maybe just use your small green ball. I think Rocky knows where that one is.”

“Rocky, Mr. Wigglebutt, is currently in negotiations with Manchester United to sign as a forward!! Love your site. Check it several times thru the day!!” -Gayle F.

On Dasher, On Dancer, On Prancer, And….Um, Mona?

“This is Mona, aka Monalicious, our three year old English Bulldog, posing for her annual Christmas card photo. This took quite a few attempts and even more Snausages!” -Frances & Mike.

AS SEEN ON TV: Lose Weight The Slobber-cize Way!

[*Note: Speakers up for this one. -Ed.]

Watch those pounds MELT AWAY. The C.O. Slobber-cize Method is PROVEN to get weight off, and get it off FAST! All you have to do is: 1) Go to the park, 2) Flop down, 3) Roll over on your back, and 4) Wait for the belleh rubs. Those will burn the pounds off STAT! Call now! 1-800-555-CUTE! The first twenty callers get a FREE 2015 C.O. Calendar nonotreally.

From The Squid.

Jowl Rest

[It’s the middle of the night. Turn the lights OFF! And why do you got that thing in my face?]

“This is Miss Trixie using her moose toy, Sven, as a jowl rest. She likes to rest her jowls.” -Natalie W.